खेलो इंडिया यूथ गेम 2024 Khelo India Games Registration & List, Date

खेलो इंडिया यूथ गेम:- The Khelo India Youth Games, launched in 2018 by Sports Minister Colonel Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, aims to revive India’s sports culture. Held annually in January, the program welcomes school and college students across India to participate. Its goal is to promote sports among the youth, fostering a strong sports culture in India. In this article, we’ll provide you with detailed information about the Khelo India Youth Games, so keep reading to the end.

Khelo India Youth Games

The first Khelo India Youth Games took place on January 31, 2018, at Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium in New Delhi. The second edition was held in Pune, Maharashtra, from January 9 to 20, 2019, and the third edition occurred from January 18 to 30, 2020, in Guwahati, Assam, in partnership with School Games Federation of India (SGFI), Olympic Association (IOA), and Assam as the host state. The upcoming fourth edition, scheduled for 2021 after the Tokyo Olympics, will be hosted by Haryana in Panchkula.

खेलो इंडिया यूथ गेम

Khelo इंडिया यूथ Games 2024 Overview

Name Of The Article खेलो इंडिया यूथ गेम
Launched By Sports Minister Colonel Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore
Category Govt. Scheme
Official Website https://kheloindia.gov.in/

Objective of Khelo India Youth Games

The Khelo India program, initiated by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, aims to boost sports and game development in India. The government’s goal with the Khelo India Youth Games is to improve the skills of school and college students and foster team spirit. Sports development plays a vital role in the nation’s overall progress. The Khelo India Youth Games 2024 focuses on giving sports enthusiasts a chance to pursue sports as a career.

राजस्थान जन आधार

List of games organized in Khelo India Youth Games

The Khelo India program includes various sports like athletics, archery, basketball, boxing, badminton, and more. Each year, 1000 children are chosen under this initiative, with selections already made in 2018. The competition spans 23 districts, aiming to boost children’s interest in sports.

State Wise Details of Khelo India Center

State Budget Centers were opened in how many districts? Number of Centers
Maharashtra Rs 3.60 crore 30 36
Mizoram 20 lakh rupees 1 2
Arunachal Pradesh Rs 4.12 crore 26 52
Madhya Pradesh 40 lakh rupees 4
Karnataka Rs 3.10 crore 31
Manipur Rs 1.60 crore 16
Goa 20 Lakh 2

Khelo Youth Games Stats

Athletes 140497
Coaches 10535
Academies 1089

Bina Mulya Samajik

Khelo India Youth Game 2024 is divided into the following

  • annual sports competition
  • Community Coaching Development
  • physical education of school children
  • playground development
  • Promotion of rural and tribal sports.
  • Sports for peace and development
  • Promoting sports among disabled people.
  • State Level Khelo India Center
  • games for women

Benefits & Features of Khelo India Youth Game

  • The Khelo India Youth Games, launched in 2018 by Sports Minister Colonel Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, will be conducted by Haryana in 2021.
  • Students from schools and colleges across India participate in this event, promoting sports among the youth.
  • The Indian School Games Federation of India oversees these games, featuring various sports.
  • Scholarships are awarded to selected students to develop their sports skills.
  • Interested youth can apply via the official website to participate in these annual Youth Games.

Karnataka LMS

Required Documents

  • Children whose age is below 17 years can play in Under 17 category and those whose age is less than 21 years and above 17 years can play in Under 21 category.
  • Beneficiary must be a student of any school
  • Aadhar card
  • bank account passbook details
  • birth certificate school bonafide certificate
  • identity certificate
  • passport size photo

How to Register for Khelo India Youth Game 2024?

To register for Khelo India Youth Game 2024, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official Sports Ministry website https://kheloindia.gov.in/.
  2. Click on the relevant link on the homepage.
  3. Fill out the form displayed on the screen with your details.
  4. Upload your photo and agree to the terms and conditions.
  5. Click ‘Create Profile’ and complete the education, documents, and bank account sections on the following pages.
  6. Click ‘Continue,’ then fill in your kit details and submit.
  7. Login using your username and password after successful submission.

E-Sampada Portal


In conclusion, the Khelo India Youth Games 2024 stand as a testament to India’s commitment to fostering young talent in sports. With a seamless registration process, aspiring athletes can now easily join this prestigious event. The platform not only encourages active participation from schools and colleges nationwide but also emphasizes the holistic development of youth through sports. As the nation gears up for the forthcoming event, the Khelo India Youth Games continue to inspire dreams, nurture talents, and unite young athletes under one sporting banner. The initiative promises not only a competitive arena but also a pathway towards a healthier, more vibrant India, fostering a culture of sportsmanship and excellence among the youth.


What is Khelo India Youth Games?

Khelo India Youth Games is a major sports program that inspires Indian youth to participate in sports.

Where and when will this game take place?

Information regarding date and venue will be available on the official website of Khelo India Youth Games.

What documents are required to register Jodi?

Generally, the application requires a copy of birth certificate, identity card, and Aadhaar card. Check the official website for specific information.

How to Register Here?

Visit the official website, click on the appropriate link for registration, fill the required information and complete the process.


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