PM-WANI Yojana 2024, फ्री वाई-फाई वाणी योजना लाभ व पंजीकरण प्रक्रिया

PM-WANI Yojana :- After the Digital India revolution, the government is leading a new revolution. In today’s era, the Internet has become a crucial necessity. The government is offering banking facilities to citizens through the Vani Yojana. This article provides key details about the scheme, including its definition, benefits, objectives, features, eligibility, required documents, and the application process. If you’re interested in learning more about the PM-WANI scheme, please read the full article.

PM-WANI Yojana 2024

The Prime Minister Wi-Fi Access Network Initiative (PM Wani Yojana), initiated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, aims to provide free Wi-Fi at all public places. This scheme is expected to bring about a significant Wi-Fi revolution, boost business, and create more employment opportunities in the country.

The Prime Minister Wi-Fi Access Network Initiative (PM-WANI Yojana) launched in 2024 under the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, marks a transformative step towards enhancing connectivity and accessibility across India. This groundbreaking scheme seeks to provide free Wi-Fi access at all public places, thereby fostering a pervasive digital ecosystem that empowers citizens and catalyzes socio-economic growth.

The PM-WANI Yojana holds the promise of a Wi-Fi revolution, poised to democratize access to the internet and bridge the digital divide that persists in many parts of the country. By facilitating seamless connectivity in public spaces such as parks, railway stations, bus stops, and more, this initiative not only enriches the lives of individuals but also opens up a plethora of opportunities for businesses to thrive in the digital landscape.

PM-WANI Yojana 2024

PM-WANI Yojana Overview

Name of the Scheme PM-WANI Yojana
Who Launched Government of India, launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Beneficiaries Citizens of India
Objective To provide Wi-Fi facility in public places
Year 2024
Category Sarkari Yojana
Official Website Click Here

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Objective of Free Wi-Fi Vani Yojana

The primary goal of PM Wani Yojana is to offer Wi-Fi access at all public places, allowing every citizen across the country to connect to the internet. This initiative aims to provide numerous benefits, making business activities easier and improving people’s income and lifestyle. Launched by the government to address the growing need for internet connectivity, PM-WANI Yojana seeks to promote Digital India by ensuring internet access for every citizen.

PM-WANI Wani Yojana Implementation

  • To ensure the successful implementation of PM-WANI Yojana, free public data centers will be established nationwide, without any license fee or registration.
  • The Free Wi-Fi Vani Scheme, approved by the Union Cabinet on December 9, 2020, is expected to be a historic initiative.
  • The scheme aims to provide Wi-Fi services even to small shopkeepers, boosting their income and ensuring continuous internet connectivity.

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Benefits & features of PM-WANI Yojana

  • PM Vani Yojana, also known as Pradhan Mantri Wi-Fi Access Network Initiative, aims to provide free Wi-Fi in all public places across the country.
  • The scheme promotes business, enhancing income and lifestyle, while also generating more employment opportunities.
  • To implement this initiative, public data centers will be established nationwide without any application fee or registration.
  • The Union Cabinet approved the scheme on December 9, 2020.
  • Continuous internet connectivity will be guaranteed, and all providers must register with the Department of Telecommunications to open a public data office.

How to Apply For PM Wani Yojana 2024?

  • PM-WANI Yojana application is currently pending.
  • The government has announced the scheme, but the application process is not yet open.
  • Information on applying for PM Free Wi-Fi Wani Scheme will be provided soon.
  • Once the government activates the application process for PM Vani Yojana, details will be shared through this article.
  • Stay connected with this article for updates on the application process.

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In conclusion, the PM-WANI Yojana in 2024, also known as the Free Wi-Fi Vani Scheme, holds the promise of transforming connectivity across the nation. With the objective of providing free Wi-Fi at public places, the scheme aims to enhance accessibility and boost business, thereby improving livelihoods. Though the registration process is currently pending, the government’s commitment to bridging the digital divide is evident. As citizens eagerly await the activation of the application process, the scheme stands as a beacon for increased internet accessibility, economic opportunities, and an enriched digital landscape for the people of India. Stay tuned for updates on the registration process.


What is PM-WANI Yojana?

PM-WANI Yojana, also known as the Free Wi-Fi Vani Scheme, is a government initiative aimed at providing free Wi-Fi at public places in India.

What are the benefits of PM-WANI Yojana?

The scheme aims to enhance internet accessibility, boost business activities, increase income, and improve overall lifestyle by providing free Wi-Fi services at public places.

Who can benefit from PM-WANI Yojana?

All citizens of India are potential beneficiaries, as the scheme aims to make Wi-Fi services available to everyone.

Is there any cost associated with the Wi-Fi facility under PM-WANI Yojana?

No, the Wi-Fi facility provided under PM-WANI Yojana is free of cost.

Where can one find more information on PM-WANI Yojana?

Official announcements, guidelines, and updates on PM-WANI Yojana will be available on government websites and through authorized communication channels.

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