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OROP Pension Table 2024:- The Indian government announced an amendment to the One Rank One Pension (OROP) program on December 23. As per the recent report, 4.52 lakh more recipients have been added, making the new total of OROP Pension recipients 25.13 lakh. This amendment will be effective from July 1, 2022, and it applies to retired members of the armed forces who served until June 30, 2019, excluding those who left prematurely on July 1, 2014. For detailed information on OROP Pension Table, including highlights, implementation, benefits, and more, please read further.

One Rank One Pension Pension Table

The Indian Union Cabinet approved a modification to the One Rank One Pension (OROP) Program on December 23, 2022. This program ensures that retired soldiers with the same rank and years of service in the Indian Army receive equal pension payments, regardless of their retirement dates. The OROP 2024 initiative covers retired officers from all armed forces branches who retired until June 30, 2019, excluding Pre-Mature Retired individuals.

OROP Pension Table

Approximately 25.13 lakh pensioners and family pensioners across the armed forces will benefit from the OROP Scheme 2024. Following the revision announcements, beneficiaries expressed satisfaction. They are now eagerly awaiting information on their revised pensions and the arrears they will receive after these formal changes.

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OROP Pension Table Overview 2024

Name OROP Pension Table
Initiated by Indian Government
Beneficiaries Armed Services Retirees
Number of recipients Added 4.52 lakh
New Total of OROP Pension Recipients 25.13 Lakh
Category Trending

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OROP Pension Table Implementation

The Indian government introduced the One Rank One Pension (OROP) policy to ensure that retired military personnel with the same rank and years of service receive equal pensions, regardless of their retirement year. Before OROP, military pensions were determined based on pay commission recommendations at the time of retirement, leading to significant differences in pensions for personnel with the same rank and service time but retiring in different years.

OROP aims to honor the service and sacrifices of military personnel while addressing the issue of unequal pensions. This program has successfully provided a fairer pension system, promoting equity among military retirees. It has also boosted the morale and well-being of retired military members who often faced financial challenges. OROP stands as a significant achievement for the Indian government and the military, resolving a longstanding problem that caused frustration and resentment among retired troops.

OROP Pension Table Benefits

The OROP Pension Table offers several key benefits, including:

  • Equal Distribution: The plan ensures equal distribution of pensions among armed services members.
  • Recalculation: Pensions for former retirees will be recalculated based on the 2013 pension basis.
  • Closing the Gap: The plan aims to bridge the gap between existing departmental pensions and those of past pensioners.
  • Standardized Pensions: A baseline average for minimum and maximum pensions was established for retired army employees in 2013 with the same rank and years of service.
  • Preserving Higher Pensions: Pensions above the average will be preserved.
  • Periodic Adjustments: Recipients’ pensions will be adjusted every five years to account for changes.

These adjustments ensure fairness and consistency in pension payments for eligible individuals.

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OROP Pension Table Revised

A request was made to extend the deadline for OROP Plan Pension Arrears Payment until March 15, 2023, and it was approved along with the OROP Revision. This revision guarantees future pensions for previous pensioners based on the average pensions of officers with the same rank and service length in 2018 within the Defense Force.

Rank Pension as of 1st January 2016 Revised Pension w.e.f. 1st July 2019 Likely Arrears from 1st July 2019 to 30th June 2022
Sepoy 17,699 19,726 87,000
Naik 18,427 21,101 1,14,000
Major 61,205 68,550 3,05,000
Havaldar 20,066 21,782 70,000
Nb Subedar 24,232 26,800 1,08,000
Sub Major 33,526 37,600 1,75,000
Brigadier 96,555 1,08,800 5,05,000
Lt. Colonel 84,330 95,400 4,55,000
Colonel 92,855 1,03,700 4,42,000
Lt. General 1,01,515 1,12,050 4,32,000
Maj. General 99,621 1,09,100 3,90,000

PDF Documents: A Comprehensive Resource

The release of PDF documents containing the revised OROP Pension Table has been met with enthusiasm. These documents serve as invaluable resources, offering detailed insights into the revised pension rates, calculation methodologies, and eligibility criteria. Veterans and their families can access these PDFs online, empowering them with the knowledge necessary to understand their entitled benefits comprehensively.

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OROP Pension Arrears

Arrears, a critical component of the OROP Pension Table, have been a focal point of discussion. These are the pending payments accumulated due to the difference between the previous pension rates and the revised rates mentioned in the updated table. Addressing these arrears signifies not only financial rectitude but also a gesture of respect and acknowledgment for the dedicated service rendered by the armed forces personnel. The prompt disbursement of arrears ensures that beneficiaries receive the entirety of their entitled benefits, providing them with the much-needed financial stability.

Recent Developments & News

Recent news regarding the OROP Pension Table has been met with widespread interest. Government announcements, updates on disbursements, and testimonials from beneficiaries have been circulating in the media. These news pieces highlight the impact of the revised pension rates on the lives of retired armed forces personnel, showcasing the tangible difference this initiative has made in enhancing their quality of life.


In conclusion, the OROP Pension Table represents a commendable stride towards honoring the commitment and sacrifice of India’s armed forces veterans. By ensuring uniform pensions, offering comprehensive PDF resources, disseminating crucial news updates, and addressing arrears, the government has displayed its dedication to the well-being of those who have selflessly served the nation. As beneficiaries receive their entitled benefits, it not only stabilizes their finances but also stands as a token of the nation’s gratitude and commitment to equity and justice. The OROP Pension Table signifies more than just financial support; it embodies the nation’s respect, acknowledgment, and unwavering support for its brave defenders, ushering in an era of dignity and security for retired armed forces personnel.

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What is OROP and how does it impact military pensioners?

OROP, or One Rank One Pension, ensures that retired military personnel of the same rank and service length receive equal pension payments, regardless of their retirement date. It rectifies disparities in the pension system, providing financial equity to veterans.

What does the OROP Pension Table 2024 entail?

The OROP Pension Table 2024 represents the latest revision in pension rates for retired armed forces personnel. It takes into account inflation, cost of living, and years of service, aiming to provide updated and fair pension benefits.

Where can I find the OROP Pension Table in PDF format?

The OROP Pension Table in PDF format is typically available on official government websites related to defense and pensions. It can be downloaded and viewed for detailed information on revised pension rates.

What are the recent developments and news related to the OROP Pension Table?

Recent news includes government announcements, updates on pension disbursements, and beneficiary testimonials. These news pieces provide insights into the impact of the revised pension rates on the lives of retired armed forces personnel.

What are arrears in the context of the OROP Pension Table 2024?

Arrears refer to pending payments accumulated due to the difference between previous pension rates and the revised rates mentioned in the updated OROP Pension Table 2024. Ensuring the disbursement of arrears is crucial to providing beneficiaries with their entitled benefits.

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