BC सखी योजना रजिस्ट्रेशन 2024 (BC Sakhi Yojana) ऑनलाइन पंजीकरण, UP बैंकिंग सखी

BC सखी योजना रजिस्ट्रेशन:- The UP BC Sakhi Yojana was launched on May 22, 2020, by Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to empower women in the state. This initiative aims to provide employment opportunities for women by the state government. Under this scheme, the Uttar Pradesh Government plans to deploy Banking Correspondent Sakhis in rural areas. With this initiative, rural residents will no longer need to travel to the bank, as the Sakhis will deliver money directly to their homes. This article will provide comprehensive information about the BC Sakhi Yojana, so please read on for more details.

BC Sakhi Yojana 2024

Under the UP BC Sakhi Yojana, rural women in Uttar Pradesh will offer banking services and conduct money transactions at people’s homes using digital methods. This initiative aims to provide facilities to rural residents and create employment opportunities for women. The new UP Banking Correspondent Sakhi Scheme enables rural women to earn money. These Banking Correspondent Sakhis will receive Rs 4,000 per month from the government for six months, along with commissions on bank transactions, ensuring a stable monthly income.

The Uttar Pradesh Government has announced the recruitment of women for the UP BC Sakhi Scheme through the UP State Rural Livelihood Mission under the Rural Development Department. Currently, 3808 vacancies for Banking Correspondent positions are available in Uttar Pradesh. Women who have passed 10th grade and reside in rural areas are eligible to apply. Interested women can apply for the UP BC Sakhi Yojana online through the UP Rural Livelihood Mission website. The online application process will begin on February 5, 2023. The scheme aims to provide employment to rural women and extend the benefits of Digital India to all rural citizens. Through this initiative, Banking Correspondent Sakhis will visit homes and offer banking services to rural residents.


BC Sakhi Yojana Online Overview

Name Of Scheme BC सखी योजना
started by By Chief Minister Yogi Aditya Nath
Date Of Launched 22 May 2020
Beneficiary women of the state
Objective to provide employment
Category Govt. Scheme

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Objective of BC Sakhi Scheme

The BC Sakhi Scheme will offer door-to-door banking services in rural areas. This approach allows people to access banking services from their homes, creating job opportunities for many women.

Salary given under UP BC Sakhi Yojana

In the BC Sakhi Scheme, participants will receive ₹4,000 per month for the initial 6 months. They will also be given ₹50,000 to buy a banking device. Additionally, they’ll earn a commission for banking operations. After the first 6 months, their income will come from this commission.

Main facts of Uttar Pradesh Banking Sakhi

  • The Uttar Pradesh Banking Sakhi Yojana aims to provide employment to rural women in the state.
  • Approximately 58,000 women will be employed under this scheme.
  • These selected women will receive a monthly salary of Rs 4,000 for the first 6 months.
  • Additionally, they will be given Rs 50,000 to purchase a digital device.
  • Banks will offer them commissions for every digital transaction, ensuring a fixed monthly income.
  • The role of these women is to raise awareness about banking by traveling from village to village.
  • They will also handle important banking tasks for villagers at their homes.
  • The total cost to train one Banking Correspondent Sakhi is Rs 74,000.
  • A six-month incentive is provided to prevent women from quitting due to financial difficulties.
  • Priority will be given to rural women for providing doorstep banking services.
  • To apply for employment under this scheme, interested women need to submit their applications.

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Implementation of UP BC Sakhi Yojana

On May 22, 2020, a fund of 218.49 crore was released for about 35,938 Self Help Groups (SHGs) to implement the UP Banking Correspondent Sakhi Scheme. This funding, provided under the National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM), supports women working in NGOs engaged in mask, plate, spice production, sewing, and crafting. The deadline for applying to the Uttar Pradesh BC Sakhi scheme is July 31, 2020. Interested candidates should apply at the earliest opportunity.

Eligibility Criteria For UP BC Sakhi Yojana

To qualify for the Uttar Pradesh Sakhi Yojana:

  1. Women must be from Uttar Pradesh.
  2. Female applicants should have passed 10th grade.
  3. They should understand banking services.
  4. Women candidates must be capable of handling money transactions.
  5. The appointed woman should be familiar with operating electronic devices.
  6. The scheme appoints women who can read and comprehend banking processes.

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Work of UP BC Sakhi Scheme

  • Jan Dhan Services
  • providing loans to people
  • loan recovery
  • The main work of BC Sakhi is to go from door to door to make deposits and withdrawals from bank accounts.
  • To provide services to the members of self-help groups.

How to Apply by Downloading BC Sakhi Mobile App?

To apply for this scheme, the government has launched a mobile app. Here’s how you can apply online:

  1. Go to Google Play Store on your Android phone.
  2. Search for BC Sakhi App.
  3. Download and install the app.
  4. Open the app and enter your phone number.
  5. Receive a 6-digit OTP on your registered mobile number and enter it.
  6. Read and follow the instructions carefully, then click Next.
  7. Complete your basic profile and enter all the required information. Save and submit.
  8. Fill in details in all sections and click submit. Remember, you must submit to move to the next section.
  9. Upload all the necessary documents.
  10. Answer simple multiple-choice questions on Hindi grammar, mathematics, and English.
  11. After completing the application, you will receive a notification through the app informing you about your selection status.

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In conclusion, the BC Sakhi Yojana Registration 2024 offers a significant step towards women empowerment in Uttar Pradesh. Through online registration, the scheme aims to provide employment opportunities, especially in rural areas. By utilizing digital platforms and mobile applications, women can access financial services seamlessly. This initiative not only promotes financial inclusion but also enhances the skills and economic standing of women in the state, fostering overall societal progress and development.


What is BC Sakhi Yojana and its purpose?

BC Sakhi Yojana is a government initiative in Uttar Pradesh to provide employment opportunities to women, especially in rural areas, by offering banking services at the doorstep through digital platforms.

Who is eligible to apply for BC Sakhi Yojana?

Women residing in Uttar Pradesh who have completed their 10th grade and possess basic knowledge of banking services can apply for BC Sakhi Yojana.

How can I register for BC Sakhi Yojana online?

To register online, download the BC Sakhi App from Google Play Store, enter your details, complete the required sections, upload necessary documents, and submit the application through the app.

What documents are needed for registration?

Required documents typically include identification proof, educational certificates, and other relevant documents as specified in the application guidelines.

Where can I get more information about BC सखी योजना रजिस्ट्रेशन 2024?

For detailed information and updates, visit the official website or contact the helpline numbers provided by the Uttar Pradesh government.

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