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PM SHRI Schools 2024:-The cabinet has approved significant funding for upgrading schools in India, reflecting a positive step towards enhancing our educational system. This initiative aligns with the ongoing efforts by state governments to uplift schools across the country. The project addresses the financial needs of schools and their future aspirations, with approximately 14,000 schools set to be promoted to model status. This move is made possible through the central government’s PM Shri Scheme sponsorship, benefiting numerous students. In this article, we will take a look the features, goals, and benefits of PM SHRI Schools, along with its implementation strategies.

PM SHRI Schools

A new initiative, the PM SHRI Scheme, has been launched, focusing on significant investments in school renovations and innovations. This initiative, akin to a green school project, aims to benefit local schools. Over 1.8 million students are expected to directly benefit from this program, which has been authorized by the Union Cabinet. The PM-SHRI project plans to upgrade 14,500 schools, investing Rs 27,360 crores over five years. The existing administrative frameworks of Samagra Shiksha, KVS, and NVS will be utilized for the implementation of PM SHRI Schools. Additionally, other autonomous entities will be engaged on a project basis as required. These upgraded schools will serve as models for others due to their advanced facilities, teaching methods, and technological advancements.

PM SHRI Schools

PM SHRI Schools Overview

Scheme Name PM SHRI schools
Launch By Central Government
Launch Date September 2022
Objectives Schools’ Upgrading
Category Govt. Scheme

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About PM SHRI Schools

The PM SHRI School initiative, backed by the Government of India, aims to establish over 14,500 schools managed by central, state, or local authorities, including KVS and NVS. These schools focus on creating a welcoming, safe, and stimulating learning environment for students. The goal is to provide quality education, nurturing engaged and productive citizens, aligning with the vision of the National Education Policy 2020. With more than 20 lakh students set to benefit directly, the initiative also serves as a model for improving the quality of education nationwide. Lessons learned from these schools will be applied to enhance education in other institutions across the country.

Launched PM Shri School Portal

On November 3, 2022, Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan launched the portal for selecting Pradhan Mantri Schools for Rising India (PM SHRI) schools. State governments can now apply online through the website This portal allows state governments to choose schools to be transformed into PM SHRI schools, showcasing the implementation of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 and serving as examples for other schools.

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Benefits & Features of PM SHRI Schools

  • The PM-SHRI project aims to upgrade 14,500 schools with a budget of Rs 27,360 crores over five years.
  • PM SHRI Schools will mentor other regional schools and provide advanced facilities like ICT, smart classrooms, digital libraries, and vocational labs.
  • These schools will offer high-quality education in an inclusive, joyful environment, respecting diverse backgrounds and talents.
  • They will focus on experiential, integrated, and learner-centered teaching methods, promoting environmental practices with solar panels, nutrition gardens, and waste management.
  • The schools will emphasize learning outcomes, competency-based assessments, and real-life applications.
  • The scheme also supports entrepreneurship opportunities, job prospects, and links with local industries.

Scheme Interventions of PM SHRI School

The scheme focuses on key interventions for schools, including improving infrastructure, enhancing learning through programs like internships and innovative teaching methods, providing scientific and mathematics kits, offering annual educational grants, and developing early childhood facilities for girls and children with special needs. The scheme also emphasizes technology integration, providing ICT, smart classrooms, and digital libraries for effective digital education in all PM SHRI schools. Additionally, each school will have science laboratories, libraries, ICT facilities, and vocational labs.

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Quality Assurance of PM SHRI Schools

  • The NEP 2020 focuses on tracking students’ enrollment and learning through a registry.
  • It aims for students’ grades to exceed state and national averages.
  • Middle schoolers will learn 21st-century skills, and high schoolers will develop at least one talent.
  • Every student will receive coaching in sports, arts, and ICT.
  • Schools will focus on sustainability, mentored by colleges and higher institutions.
  • Students will have access to psychological and professional counselors.
  • The education system will instill pride in Indian heritage, promote awareness of India’s global contributions, teach civic responsibilities, and foster communicative competence in Indian languages.
  • The goal is to build well-rounded, responsible individuals committed to nation-building.

How to Apply PM SHRI Schools?

Schools can apply online for the PM SHRI scheme. The selection process involves three steps:

  1. States or territories implement NEP fully, with Center’s support for quality assurance.
  2. Schools meeting basic criteria are chosen after addressing challenges, checked physically.
  3. Selected schools compete to meet challenging conditions set by the central government.

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How to Login PM Shri School for National/ State/ District users

To log into the PM SHIRI Schools website, registered national, state, or district users need to follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official website
  2. Click on the login button for national, state, or district users on the homepage.
  3. Enter your registered cellphone number on the new page.
  4. Confirm the OTP (One-Time Password) sent to your phone.
  5. You will be successfully logged in after confirming the OTP.

PM Shri Login for School Users

To log in as a school user on the PMC Schools‘ official website:

  1. Visit the website.
  2. Click on the login option for school users on the homepage.
  3. Enter the UDISC code and the cell phone number of the HM on the new page.
  4. Click the OTP transmit button.
  5. Accept the OTP received.
  6. You will be successfully logged in as a school user.

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In conclusion, the PM SHRI Schools initiative in 2024 represents a significant stride towards enhancing the quality of education in India. The streamlined login and registration process simplifies access for users, ensuring efficient participation. These schools offer a range of advanced features, including state-of-the-art infrastructure, technology integration, and a focus on holistic development. The school list embodies diversity and inclusivity, with institutions committed to shaping well-rounded individuals. As India’s educational landscape evolves, the PM SHRI Schools program stands as a beacon of progress, poised to empower students and pave the way for a brighter future through quality education.


How can I log in to the PM SHRI Schools portal in 2024?

To log in, visit the official PM SHRI Schools website and click on the login button. Enter your credentials or follow the specified steps for user verification, including OTP confirmation.

How do I register my school for PM SHRI Schools 2024?

Schools can register on the official website by clicking on the registration link. Follow the instructions, provide necessary details, and complete the registration process to enroll your school in the program.

What are the key features offered by PM SHRI Schools in 2024?

PM SHRI Schools provide advanced infrastructure, including ICT facilities, smart classrooms, digital libraries, and vocational labs. The program emphasizes holistic development, offers coaching in sports, arts, and ICT, and ensures psychological counseling for students.

Is there a specific criterion for schools to be included in the PM SHRI School list?

Yes, schools are selected based on various criteria, including their ability to address challenges, their commitment to implementing the National Education Policy, and their compliance with quality assurance standards set by the central government.

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