Hazardous Chemicals

Till sometime back firemen had no way of knowing what medium of extinguishing unknown chemicals in a fire, spillage or any emergency should be used. Incorrect actions resulted in disasters. Availability of information on the hazardous nature of substance and required control measure helps the emergency management personnel to take quick and correct decisions. The … Read more

Training in industrial Disaster Risk Management – Transportation of Hazardous Substances by Road

The rapid increase in the transportation of hazardous chemicals has enhanced the accident potential during transit. In transit, the goods would subject to impact, vibration, compression and other adverse effects and exposure to harmful environment. The other factors such as improper packing of the contents, poor storage may also lead to release of chemicals to … Read more

Strategies for reducing human error

Reducing human error involves far more than taking disciplinary action against an individual. There are a range of measures which are more effective controls including the design of the equipment, job, procedures and training. The design guidance developed consists of two forms: design principles and a three step process for systematically addressing human errors in … Read more

Department. of Factories, Boilers, Industrial Safety & Health, Karnataka

The Department of Factories and Boilers is the functionary of the Labour Secretariat of Government of Karnataka. The main functions of the department is to enforce various Labour and Environmental related legislations viz., Factories Act, Payment of Wages Act, Maternity Benefit Act, Indian Boiler Act and the Environment (Protection) Act. The main aim and objective … Read more

Factors Influencing Human Behaviour

In order to address human factors in workplace safety settings, peoples’ capabilities and limitations must first be understood. The modern working environment is very different to the settings that humans have evolved to deal with. The following human characteristics that can lead to difficulties interacting with the working environment. Attention -The modern workplace can ‘overload’ … Read more