CFMS Bihar 2024 Login, Employee Salary Slip

CFMS Bihar :- In this article, we’ll introduce you to the CFMS Bihar portal, developed by the Finance Department for government employees in Bihar. The portal allows state government employees to easily download their salary slips and access information on services like budget allotment, pay salary slip, bill reports, and service details. The primary aim of launching this online service is to simplify the process of viewing and downloading salary slips for state government employees. Any government employee in Bihar can take advantage of this facility by logging into the CFMS Bihar portal. We’ll explore the reasons behind the initiation of the CFMS E Nidhi Bihar Portal, discuss the benefits it offers to government employees, provide guidance on how to log in, and highlight the various facilities and services available after logging in.

What is CFMS Bihar?

CFMS Bihar, an online portal initiated by the Finance Department, Bihar, proves highly advantageous for government employees within the state. The portal’s full name is Comprehensive Financial Management System Bihar Portal, with its Hindi equivalent being Comprehensive Finance Management System. Developed by the Finance Department, its primary focus is on managing salary-related tasks for government employees.

CFMS Bihar 2024

This portal facilitates state government employees in accessing and downloading their monthly and annual salary slips from the comfort of their homes. Additionally, it allows them to review other job-related details such as recovery and allocation, salary increments, and more. It’s important to note that only employees within state government offices can benefit from the services provided by CFMS Bihar, also recognized as e-Nidhi Bihar.

e-Nidhi Bihar Overview

Name Of The Portal CFMS Bihar/e-Nidhi Bihar
Relevant Department By the finance department
Beneficiary All government employees of the state
Objective Providing facility to government employees to view their salary slips online
Year 2024
Category Sarkari Yojana
Official Website

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What facilities are available on CFMS Bihar?

The CFMS Bihar/e-Nidhi Bihar portal offers a range of services for government employees in Bihar, including:

  1. Viewing Employee Salary Slip: Access your monthly salary slip through CFMS Bihar.
  2. e-Nidhi CFMS Bihar: Utilize the e-Nidhi feature within CFMS Bihar for various services.
  3. CFMS Bihar User Creation Form: Fill out the form to create a CFMS Bihar user account.
  4. e-Nidhi Bihar Login: Log in to the e-Nidhi Bihar portal for employee services.
  5. Group Building: Create and manage employee groups for efficient administration.
  6. Information on Annual Salary Increase: Stay informed about any changes or increases in your annual salary.
  7. Employee Promotion Details: Access information regarding promotions within the organization.
  8. Collection and Allocation from Employee Salary: Manage and track deductions or allocations from your salary.
  9. CFMS Bihar in Hindi: Access CFMS Bihar services in the Hindi language.
  10. LPC In, LPC Out: Process and view Leave and License details.
  11. Employee Maintenance: Update and maintain employee records.
  12. CFMS Bihar Education Department: Specific services related to the Education Department in Bihar.
  13. Inactive and Active Employees: Access information on both inactive and active employees.

These services aim to streamline administrative processes and provide accessible information for government employees in Bihar.

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Benefits of e-Nidhi Bihar Portal

  • The CFMS Bihar Portal exclusively benefits government employees in Bihar by providing a convenient online platform.
  • Through this portal, Bihar government employees can easily access and review their monthly and annual salary slip details using a mobile phone or computer.
  • Key information such as salary slip details, NSP contribution, tax deductions, GIS contribution, and service details are available for online retrieval through this portal.
  • In the past, employees had to physically visit government departments and offices to obtain their pay slips, but the CFMS Bihar Portal has streamlined this process.
  • Thanks to the Finance Department’s initiative, salary-related information for Bihar government employees is now securely centralized on this platform.
  • This consolidation makes it effortless for the government to efficiently manage and access the salary-related details of its employees.

Eligibility Criteria for Login

  • Applicants must be government employees of Bihar state.
  • Non-government employees/private employees are not eligible to login to this portal.

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How to login to CFMS Bihar/e-Nidhi Bihar?

  • First of all you have to go to the official portal of CFMS Bihar
  • After this the homepage of the portal will open in front of you.
  • You will see the login form on the homepage of the portal.
  • On this page you have to enter your username and password.
  • Now you have to click on the Log in button.
  • In this way you can login to CFMS Bihar.

Procedure to download salary slip

To view your salary details on the CFMS Bihar portal:

  1. Go to the official CFMS Bihar portal.
  2. Log in with your credentials on the homepage.
  3. Access the Employee/Payee/Pensioner Self Services application page.
  4. Choose “Employee” by clicking on “Select” next to “Login as.”
  5. Fill in the Employee Self Services form with your PAN number, GPF/PRAN number, and Aadhaar number.
  6. Click on “Generate OTP” for OTP verification.
  7. Enter the OTP received on your registered mobile number and click on “Get me in.”
  8. A new page will display with all salary-related information. To view your last salary slip, click on “Salary Slip” in the Last Salary Statement.
  9. For salary slips from three or six months ago, select the desired month in the Quick Downloads section and click “Download.”
  10. The selected salary slip will be downloaded and displayed on your screen, and you can also choose to print it.

Follow these steps to easily access and download your salary details from the CFMS Bihar portal.

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How to view employee service details?

To access an employee’s service details on the CFMS Bihar portal:

  1. Visit the official CFMS Bihar portal.
  2. Log in with your credentials on the homepage.
  3. Navigate to “E Billing” and select “Employee Maintenance Maker.”
  4. Choose “Report” from the drop-down box.
  5. Click on “Service Details Report.”
  6. On the Employee Services Details page, enter information like Group Name and Employee ID.
  7. Click “Search” to proceed.
  8. Select “PDF” as the Report Type and click “Generate.”
  9. The necessary information about the employee’s service details will be downloaded in PDF format to your device.

Follow these steps to easily retrieve the required service details from the CFMS Bihar portal.

Process to view budget allocation details

To access budget allocation details on the CFMS Bihar portal:

  1. Visit the official CFMS Bihar portal.
  2. Log in using your credentials on the homepage.
  3. Click on “Budget Allocation,” then select “Reports.”
  4. Choose “Receive Allotment Details.”
  5. Specify the financial year, HOA, date, and report type.
  6. Click on “Generate.”
  7. View the relevant information on your computer screen.

Follow these steps to easily retrieve the required information from the CFMS Bihar portal.

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How to Reset Password on CFMS Bihar portal?

To reset your password on the CFMS Bihar portal:

  1. Visit the official CFMS Bihar portal.
  2. On the homepage, find and click on the “Forget Password” option in the login form.
  3. Enter your username on the next page and click on the “Reset” option.
  4. Create and enter a new password of your choice.
  5. Use the new password to log in to the portal.

This is how you can easily reset your password on the CFMS Bihar portal.

Giving feedback on CFMS Bihar Portal

To give feedback on CFMS Bihar:

  1. Visit the official CFMS Bihar portal.
  2. Log in with your credentials on the homepage.
  3. Navigate to the “Feedback” option.
  4. Fill in the required details on the feedback page, including type of feedback, email ID, mobile number, and feedback.
  5. Click on the “Submit” option to complete the feedback process.

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In conclusion, the CFMS Bihar in 2024 e-Nidhi portal, accessible at, revolutionizes the experience for government employees. Offering an easy login process and providing instant access to employee salary slips, the portal enhances efficiency and convenience. By centralizing services and embracing digital accessibility, CFMS Bihar signifies a progressive step toward modernized financial management. Employees benefit from streamlined processes, making salary-related tasks straightforward and accessible, thereby promoting a more efficient and user-friendly experience.


What is CFMS Bihar e-Nidhi Portal?

CFMS Bihar e-Nidhi Portal is an online platform developed by the Finance Department for government employees in Bihar to facilitate easy access to salary-related information.

How can I access the portal?

You can log in to the portal at using your credentials.

What services are available on the portal?

The portal provides services such as viewing and downloading employee salary slips, budget allotment information, and service details.

Can all government employees in Bihar use this portal?

Yes, any government employee in Bihar can avail the benefits of the CFMS Bihar e-Nidhi Portal 2024 by logging in.

What is the significance of the e-Nidhi portal?

The e-Nidhi portal streamlines financial processes, providing a digital platform for employees to conveniently manage their salary-related tasks.

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