Telangana Aasara Pension 2024 Application Form, Status, Eligibility

Telangana Aasara Pension 2024:- The Telangana government’s Aasara Pension Scheme offers vital support to those unable to work due to illness, disability, or other challenges. In 2023, we’ll outline the key details of this scheme. This article provides insights on how eligible individuals can apply, ensuring financial assistance for families facing difficulties.

Telangana Aasara Pension Scheme

In 2014, the Chief Minister of Telangana initiated the Aasara pension scheme to aid vulnerable groups such as widows and HIV patients. The scheme was recently renewed with increased pension amounts. This boost ensures families’ financial security, allowing beneficiaries to lead a more content life without having to work due to health concerns.

Telangana Aasara Pension

TS Aasara Pension 2024 Overview

Name Aasara Pension Scheme
Launched by Chief Minister of Telangana State
Launched Date 28th May 2019
Beneficiaries Citizen of the State
Objective Providing Financial Support on Monthly Basis
Category Govt. Scheme
Official Website

E-Sampada Portal

Telangana Aasara Pension Benefits

The TS Aasara Pension Scheme 2024 offers financial support to beneficiaries. In India, numerous individuals are too unwell to work, leaving their families in financial distress. This scheme provides essential funds, enabling families to sustain themselves without the need for the ailing members to work. The TS Aasara Pension brings multiple benefits, ensuring a better quality of life for the recipients.

TS Aasara Pension Socio Economic Criteria

  • People from households meeting certain conditions are not eligible for social security pensions, such as owning automobiles, already receiving pensions from other government schemes, or having significant businesses or employed children.
  • In contrast, those eligible for pensions include vulnerable groups like tribal communities, families led by women with no earners, persons with disabilities, homeless individuals, and those living in temporary dwellings, slums, or engaged in daily wage labor in the informal sector.

TS Aasara Pension Identification Of Eligible Persons

  • In rural areas, applications for the pension scheme will be processed by the gram panchayat secretary/village revenue officer, and in urban areas, by the bill collector.
  • These officials will verify and certify the applications.
  • Designated officers like Mandal Parishad Development Officer, municipal commissioner, deputy/zonal commissioner will scrutinize the applications and sanction pensions based on guidelines.
  • Equity among social categories like SC, ST, and BC will be maintained, considering household survey data and census figures.
  • False information may lead to disciplinary action and repayment of received amounts.

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Objective Of TS Aasara Pension

The TS Aasara Pension aims to financially assist elderly, disabled, HIV patients, and single women, enabling them to support their families without working. This initiative uplifts their financial status, leading to an improved standard of living for these individuals and their families.

TS Aasara Pension Administration

  • The TS Aasara Pension scheme will be overseen online by district collectors, CEOs, and SERP.
  • Strict protocols are in place for any database or process changes, ensuring data security.
  • Changes must be approved by competent authorities, with software adjustments allowed upon written request.
  • Management reports will be accessible on the official website.
  • Administrative costs for TS Aasara pensions implementation, not exceeding 3%, are permissible.

Revised Pension Amount

The Telangana government has made amendments to the TS Aasara Pension 2024, increasing the pension amount for beneficiaries. Here are the updated details:

Beneficiary Category  Old Amount Revised Amount
Disable Persons 1000 3000
Single Female 1000 2000
Beedi Labourers 1000 2000
Filaria Patients 1000 2000
HIV Patients 1000 2000
Old Age Pension 1000 2000
Disabled Person 1000 2000
Weavers 1000 2000
Disabled 1000 2000
Widows 1000 2000

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Eligibility Criteria

The Telangana Aasara pension scheme has specific eligibility criteria for different beneficiary groups in 2020:

For Old Age:

  • Age should be 65 years or above.
  • Belong to primitive and Vulnerable Tribal Groups.
  • One pension per family, preferably for women.
  • Eligible categories include landless agricultural laborers, artisans, slum dwellers, daily wage earners, homeless individuals in temporary establishments, households led by widows, terminally ill persons, disabled individuals aged 65 or above.

For Widows:

  • Age above 18 years.
  • Belong to primitive and Vulnerable Tribal Groups.

For Weavers:

  • Age above 50 years.
  • Belong to primitive and Vulnerable Tribal Groups.
  • Only one pension per family for weavers.

For Toddy Tappers:

  • Age above 50 years.
  • Belong to primitive and Vulnerable Tribal Groups.
  • Verification required for Co-Operative Society membership.

For Disabled Persons:

  • No age restriction.
  • Belong to primitive and Vulnerable Tribal Groups.


Required Documents

  • Aadhaar Card
  • Address Proof
  • Income Certificate
  • Proof of age
  • Death Certificate in case of a widow
  • Xerox copy of registration in the Cooperative society of Toddy Tappers.
  • Weavers should submit a Xerox copy of registration in the Co-operatives society of weavers.
  • SADAREM Certificate in the case of persons with disabilities 40% or above and 51% in respect to the hearing impaired.
  • Bank Account Passbook
  • Post Office Saving Account
  • IFSC Code
  • Photograph
  • Mobile Number

How to Apply TS Aasara Pension 2024 Offline?

To apply for the TS Aasara Pension scheme, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the provided link.
  2. Download the application form.
  3. Fill in the required details.
  4. Attach necessary documents.
  5. Submit your application to your local Gram Panchayat Secretary in rural areas or Bill Collector in urban areas.

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How to Apply TS Aasara Pension Online 2024?

Here are the steps to apply for the pension scheme:

  1. Visit the official website of Greater Warangal Municipal Corporation
  2. Navigate to the ‘online application’ section and choose ‘pension application.’
  3. Fill out the application form with necessary details.
  4. Upload essential documents such as Aadhaar card, FSC Card, bank account passbook, property tax receipt, and self-declaration.
  5. Submit the application form by clicking the ‘submit’ button.

Step to Check Status of Aasara Pension Online?

To check your pension application status, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the homepage and click on the “Search Beneficiary Details” option.
  2. Enter your Application Number, District, Panchayat, and other necessary details.
  3. Click on the ‘Search’ button to view your application status.

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TS Aasara Pension Disbursement Cycle 2024

Activity Date
Disbursement of pension 1st to 7th of every month
Sharing of disbursement data through biometric/IRIS authentication to SSP Server by the pension disbursing agency Direct hitting on real time basis
Return of the signed acquaintance by the pension disbursing agency to the MPDO/Municipal commissioner 9th of every month
Remittance of the undisbursed amount from pension disbursing agency directly to state nodal account 9th of every month
Generation of acquittances for the subsequent month 16th to 21st of every month
Approval of preceding by district collector 22nd or 23rd of every month
Request for fund transfer by project director, DRDA on securing the approval of district collector 22nd or 23rd of every month
Approval of fund transfer request by the SERP after securing the approval of district collector 23rd or 24th of every month
Funds for disbursement of pension to be reached to the concerned PDAs from the SNA 25th of every month


In conclusion, TS Aasara Pension 2024 stands as a beacon of financial support for vulnerable citizens, including the elderly, widows, disabled individuals, and more. This initiative ensures a dignified life for those unable to work, fostering social equity and welfare. The user-friendly application process and transparent status checks empower applicants, enhancing accessibility. By upholding the principle of inclusivity, the scheme uplifts the socio-economic landscape of Telangana, embodying the government’s commitment to citizens’ well-being and societal progress.


What is TS Aasara Pension 2024?

TS Aasara Pension 2024 is a social welfare scheme aimed at providing financial assistance to vulnerable groups, such as the elderly, widows, and disabled individuals, ensuring their economic well-being.

Who is eligible to apply for Telangana Aasara Pension?

Eligibility criteria vary, but generally include senior citizens, widows, disabled persons, and those belonging to primitive and Vulnerable Tribal Groups. Landless agricultural laborers, rural artisans, slum dwellers, and homeless individuals are also eligible.

How can I apply for Telangana Aasara Pension?

To apply, visit the official website, fill out the application form with necessary details, and submit it to the respective authorities. Alternatively, you can apply through regional government offices.

What documents are required for the application?

Required documents typically include Aadhaar card, FSC Card, bank account passbook, property tax receipt, self-declaration, and other relevant proofs verifying eligibility.

How can I check the status of my Telangana Aasara Pension application?

Visit the official website, locate the Search Beneficiary Details option, enter your Application Number, District, Panchayat, and other necessary details. Click on search to check your application status.

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