Free Ration Card Apply Online 2024 (State Wise List): फ्री राशन कार्ड एप्लीकेशन फॉर्म

Free Ration Card Apply:- The Central Government plans to offer Free Ration Cards to eligible individuals in APL and BPL families across the country. Those without ration cards can avail the benefits under this central or state government scheme. Some state governments are distributing free ration to the poor, even to those without ration cards. This article provides comprehensive information on the Free Ration Card, so read on for details.

Free Ration Card 2024

Amid the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, Prime Minister Narendra Modi extended the nationwide lockdown until May 3 to ensure the safety of citizens. This has particularly impacted the livelihoods of many poor and laboring individuals, making it challenging for them to earn a living. Recognizing this, state governments across the country are providing free ration items to those in need. To avail of this assistance, individuals from any state must apply for a Free Ration Card to receive the necessary support.

Free Ration Card Apply Online 2024

Free Ration Card Overview

Scheme Name Free Ration Card
Beneficiary Poor people of the beneficiary country
State All states
Department Department of Food and Civil Supplies
Ration Duration April, May, June (up to three months)
Category Sarkari Yojana
Official Website

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Types of Ration Card

Ration cards play a vital role in accessing subsidized grains and participating in various government programs. They are categorized based on the economic status of individuals. Here are the key types of ration cards:

  • APL Ration Card: Issued for citizens living above the poverty line but below the middle-class category.
  • BPL Ration Card: Provided to individuals living below the poverty line.
  • AAY Ration Card: Issued for those in extreme poverty and economically weaker than other groups.
  • Annapurna Card: Designed for helpless, very poor, and destitute individuals with no source of income. Those entitled to the National Pension Scheme, but not receiving it, can obtain pension through this card.

You will be able to see all the information related to ration on Mera Ration App

The Mera Ration App was introduced to address the challenges faced by migrant laborers. This user-friendly app is available in both Hindi and English, ensuring accessibility for all citizens. The government designed a simple interface for easy use. The app provides features such as ration and grain information, transaction history for the last 6 months, and details related to Aadhaar seeding. Users can register their ration cards on the app after downloading it.

The Mera Ration App allows users to verify if their ration card is linked to Aadhaar. Additionally, it offers information on Aadhaar-based distributions, nearby ration dealers, and enables users to change their ration dealer. The app provides details such as the dealer’s license number, address, and shop number.

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How to register on my ration app and know eligibility

Utilizing the Mera Ration App, you can access information about any dealer nationwide. The app is integrated with Google Maps for a comprehensive system. Download the app from the Google Play Store or App Store and complete the registration process by entering your ration number. Upon entering your ration number, the app will display detailed information about your ration, including members, Aadhaar numbers, ration details, and prices.

To check if your ration card is eligible under the One Nation One Ration Card Scheme, open the app and click on the eligibility option. Enter your ration number to determine eligibility. The app also facilitates Aadhaar seeding; if your Aadhaar is not linked to your ration card, use the Aadhaar seeding option to complete the process.

Objective Of Free Ration Card

The primary goal of the Free Ration Card Apply Online initiative is to facilitate the online availability of ration cards. With this scheme, there is no need to physically visit government offices for application; the process can be completed online through the official website from the comfort of your home. This not only saves time and money but also enhances transparency in the system. The Free Ration Card allows individuals to access government-provided ration at subsidized rates. Additionally, the ration card serves as a crucial document for availing benefits under various government schemes.

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Duplicate Ration Card Apply Online

The ration card is a crucial document that provides access to various government schemes and can also serve as an identity card. If you don’t have a ration card, you can apply for one through offline or online channels. In the event of a lost or damaged ration card, you can obtain a duplicate card using either offline or online methods.

To apply for a duplicate ration card, you need the lost card’s number, a passport-size photograph of the head of the family, Aadhaar cards of all family members, and a completed application form. The application form should include an explanation for your request. If the ration card is stolen, filing an FIR is necessary, and a photocopy of the FIR should be submitted with the application.

Free Ration Card Scheme

Recently, the Central Government introduced the Free Ration Card Scheme, offering 5 kg of free ration, pulses, and other items to APL and BPL families across the country. This initiative aims to assist those with ration cards. Recognizing that some people lack ration cards, certain state governments, including Delhi and Madhya Pradesh, have decided to distribute ration to everyone, even those without ration cards. The distribution has already commenced in Delhi, and the Madhya Pradesh government has announced its plan to provide ration to all the state’s poor residents through the PDS system.

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Use of Ration Card

  • to get gas connection
  • To get ration at concessional rates from FPS
  • to get a passport
  • To open a bank account
  • to get life insurance
  • To get a driving license
  • To make Voter ID Card
  • to buy sim card
  • for school college
  • for the court
  • To get other government documents made
  • to get scholarship

Eligibility for Free Ration Card

To apply for a Free Ration Card:

  • Provide proof of residence.
  • The applicant should be from a BPL (Below Poverty Line) family.
  • Criteria for obtaining a ration card vary for rural and urban areas.
  • The Free Ration Card will be issued only in the name of the head of the family.


Documents for ration card registration

  • Aadhar card
  • PAN card
  • Passport size photo of the head of the family
  • income certificate
  • Gas connection details
  • caste certificate
  • bank account passbook
  • mobile number

Important documents to add name of new member in ration card

For registering a newborn baby and adding the bride’s name to the family’s ration card, you’ll need:

  1. Original Ration Card
  2. Child’s Birth Certificate
  3. Aadhar Cards of Parents
  4. Marriage Certificate
  5. Husband’s Original Ration Card
  6. Certificate of Omission of Name from Parents’ Ration Card
  7. Aadhar Card

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Free Ration Card State Wise List

Ration card information is now available online for all states. Residents can easily check their ration card details through the respective state’s food department’s official website. Beneficiaries who have applied for a new ration card can also check the status of their application online. The process varies for each state, and the online portal provides access to the Free Ration Card State Wise List. Residents waiting for the release of new ration cards can refer to the list of states below and take advantage of this online facility for checking ration card details.

State Official Website
Assam Apply Here
Arunachal Pradesh Apply Here
Andhra Pradesh Apply Here
Bihar Apply Here
Delhi Apply Here
Chattisgarh Apply Here
Chandigarh Apply Here
Himachal Pradesh Apply Here
Haryana Apply Here
Gujarat Apply Here
Jharkhand Apply Here
Jammu Kashmir Apply Here
Karnataka Apply Here
Kerala Apply Here
Madhya Pradesh Apply Here
Manipur Apply Here
Maharashtra Apply Here
Mizoram Apply Here
Odisha Apply Here
Punjab Apply Here
Rajasthan Apply Here
Tamil Nadu Apply Here
Sikkim Apply Here
Uttarakhand Apply Here
Uttar Pradesh Apply Here

How to Apply for Free Ration Card 2024?

To apply online for a Free Ration Card, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official food distribution portal of your state
  2. On the home page, find the e-coupon/temporary ration card apply link and click on it.
  3. Enter your mobile number and click submit. Verify the OTP received on your mobile.
  4. After verification, a form will open with fields varying by state. Provide details like the head of the family’s name, age, Aadhaar number, and family members’ count.
  5. Fill in constituency details and complete address. Upload photos of the head of the family’s Aadhar card and family members.
  6. Submit the details, and you will receive a message with a link on your registered mobile number.
  7. Click on the link to download the temporary ration card. Use this card to obtain ration from the nearest dealer.

Gujarat Ration Card


In conclusion, the Ration Card Apply Online 2024 initiative marks a significant step towards providing essential support to the underprivileged across the nation. This streamlined online application process ensures accessibility, transparency, and timely assistance to those in need. The scheme reflects the government’s commitment to addressing the challenges posed by the ongoing crisis and offers a beacon of hope for those facing economic hardships. As the state-wise list unfolds, it becomes a vital tool in achieving inclusive welfare and ensuring that no one is left behind in these trying times.


What is the Free Ration Card Apply Online 2024 initiative?

The initiative aims to provide essential support to the underprivileged by offering free ration cards through an online application process.

Who are the beneficiaries of the Free Ration Card scheme?

Poor and economically vulnerable individuals across all states are eligible to apply for the Free Ration Card.

How can I apply for the Free Ration Card online?

Applicants can visit the official website, fill out the online application form, and submit required documents.

Is there a specific department overseeing the Free Ration Card distribution?

The Department of Food and Civil Supplies manages the distribution of free ration cards.

Can I check the state-wise list for Free Ration Card beneficiaries?

Yes, the state-wise list is available, providing transparency and accessibility to beneficiaries.

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