हर घर नल योजना 2024 ऑनलाइन आवेदन (Har Ghar Nal Scheme), एप्लीकेशन फॉर्म

हर घर नल योजना:- In some parts of the country, clean drinking water remains scarce. The government is actively addressing this issue. A recent initiative, the Har Ghar Nal Yojana, aims to provide clean drinking water to every household in the nation. This article offers comprehensive information about the Har Ghar Nal Yojana, including details on applying for the scheme. By reading this, you can learn about Har Ghar Nal Yojana 2024, its benefits, objectives, eligibility criteria, necessary documents, and the application process.

Har Ghar Nal Yojana

The Central Government has launched the Har Ghar Nal Yojana, also known as Jal Jeevan Mission. This initiative aims to provide clean water to every household in the country by connecting them with tap water. Initially set for completion by 2030, the target has been moved up to 2024. This scheme ensures clean drinking water in rural areas, significantly enhancing the health and living standards of citizens. People will no longer have to travel far for water; the government will ensure water availability in their homes. The scheme’s goal is to provide 55 liters of potable water per person daily.

हर घर नल योजना

Har Ghar Nal Yojana 2024 Overview

Name Of the Scheme Har Ghar Nal Yojana
Started By Central Government
Beneficiary Citizens of the country
Objective Providing drinking water to every household
Official Website https://jaljeevanmission.gov.in/
Category Govt. Scheme
Year 2024

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Work to be done under Jal Jeevan Mission

  1. Building Village Water Supply Infrastructure: Creating systems to give every home clean drinking water.
  2. Developing Reliable Water Sources: Ensuring steady and safe water sources, improving existing ones.
  3. Water Institute Taran: Implementing technologies for water treatment.
  4. Upgrading Pipelines: Enhancing existing water supply schemes to improve services.
  5. Managing Gray Water: Handling wastewater effectively.
  6. Supporting Capacity Building: Assisting various stakeholders in building skills and implementation.

Institutional mechanism of Har Ghar Tap Yojana

  • National Level – National Jal Jeevan Mission
  • State Level – State Water and Sanitation Mission
  • District Level – District Water and Sanitation Mission
  • Gram Panchayat Level – Pani Samiti/Village Water and Sanitation Committee/User Group

Funding pattern of Har Ghar Nal Yojana

  • The Jal Jeevan Mission costs Rs 3.60 lakh crore in total.
  • In the Himalayan and North Eastern states, the Central Government covers 90%, and the State Government covers 10% of the expenses.
  • Union Territories’ entire cost is paid by the Central Government.
  • For other states, both the Central and State Governments share 50-50 percent of the implementation costs.

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Objective of Har Ghar Nal Yojana 2024

The goal of Har Ghar Nal Yojana is to give clean drinking water to every rural household in India. By 2024, the government aims to connect every home to a drinking water supply. Citizens won’t have to travel for water anymore; it will come directly to their homes. This ensures better health and saves time for the people of the country.

Benefits & features of Har Ghar Nal Yojana

  • The Har Ghar Nal Yojana, initiated by the Central Government, aims to provide clean drinking water to every household in India.
  • Through this scheme, tap connections will be given to every home.
  • Initially set for 2030, the goal to provide clean water has been moved up to 2024.
  • Known as Jal Jeevan Mission, this scheme ensures clean water in rural areas, improving citizens’ health and living standards.
  • People won’t have to travel for water; the government will bring it directly to their homes.
  • The objective is to provide 55 liters of safe water per person daily.

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Required Document

  • The applicant must be a permanent resident of India.
  • Aadhar card
  • Address proof
  • income certificate
  • proof of age
  • proof of income
  • passport size photograph
  • mobile number
  • email id

How to Apply for Har Ghar Nal Yojana Online?

To apply for Har Ghar Nal Yojana, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official Jal Jeevan Mission website https://jaljeevanmission.gov.in/.
  2. Click on “Apply Now” on the home page.
  3. Fill in your details like name, mobile number, and email ID on the new page.
  4. Upload necessary documents.
  5. Click “Submit” to complete your application.

This process allows you to apply for Har Ghar Nal Yojana online.

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Applying online for Har Ghar Nal Yojana 2024 is simple and extremely important. Under this scheme, the aim is to provide clean drinking water to every household. It is safe and helpful to apply by visiting the official website. Filling the application form and submitting the required documents can be done accurately and sensitively. This scheme will not only improve health but will also take the quality of life of the citizens to higher heights. By following this simple process, you too can avail the benefits of this very important scheme.


What is Har Ghar Nal Yojana?

Har Ghar Nal Yojana is a scheme to provide clean drinking water, under which water will be supplied to every household through tap connection.

Can I apply for this scheme online?

Yes, you can apply online for Har Ghar Nal Yojana.

What documents are required to apply?

Typically the documents required to apply may include identity proof, address proof information, etc.

How to apply online?

To apply online, visit the official website, click on 'Apply', fill the required information, upload the required documents, and submit the application.

By what time will this scheme be completed?

The target of Har Ghar Nal Yojana is to be completed by 2024, in which every household will have access to clean drinking water.

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