Haryana Marriage Registration 2024 Online, Download Marriage Certificate

Haryana Marriage Registration :- This article provides information about the recently implemented Haryana marriage registration act by the Haryana Government. It guides you through the process of downloading the marriage certificate online and includes step-by-step procedures for applying for Haryana Marriage Registration. The online application eliminates the need for you to leave your home for registration.

Haryana Marriage Registration 2024

The Haryana Government has introduced a new online portal for Marriage Registration Certificates, facilitating the online registration of marriages for recently wedded couples in Haryana. This certificate holds legal significance for various purposes such as visa applications and name changes. Serving as valid proof of marriage in Haryana, the Marriage Certificate is essential to demonstrate the legal union between individuals. It becomes necessary to obtain a Marriage Certificate when there is a need to establish the legal marital status of an individual.

Haryana Marriage Registration 2024

Haryana Marriage Registration Overview

Name Haryana Marriage Registration
Launched by Haryana Government
Beneficiaries Recently married couple
Objective Registering marriage online in Haryana
Category Sarkari Yojana
Official Website https://shaadi.edisha.gov.in/

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Haryana Marriage Registration Objective

The primary goal of Haryana marriage registration is to offer citizens the convenience of registering for marriage certificates from their homes. Eliminating the need to physically visit government offices, residents can easily register through the official website. This online process not only saves time and money but also enhances transparency in the system, providing an efficient and accessible means for citizens to complete their marriage registration.

Haryana Marriage Registration Benefits

  • The Haryana marriage registration scheme offers several benefits, primarily allowing recently married couples to register their marriage conveniently from their homes.
  • This is particularly advantageous during lockdowns when leaving the house can be challenging.
  • The online registration platform provided by Haryana simplifies the process, enabling residents to register their marriages innovatively and effortlessly, without the need to visit courts or government offices.
  • This technology-driven approach enhances accessibility and convenience for all Haryana residents.

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Eligibility Criteria For Haryana Marriage Registration

To apply for Haryana marriage registration, follow these eligibility criteria:

  • Both the bride and groom should be at least 18 and 21 years old, respectively.
  • At the time of marriage registration, neither the bride nor the groom should have more than one spouse.
  • The bride and groom must have resided in the registration district for a minimum of one month.

Required Documents

The necessary documents for Haryana marriage registration are as follows:

  • Proof of Marriage
  • Proof of date of birth of both Bride and Bridegroom
  • Residence Proof of both Bride and Bridegroom
  • Photograph of both parties
  • Marriage Invitation Card
  • The Marriage Photograph (Couple Photograph)

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Marriage Registration Act

  • Marriage registration can be done under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, and the Special Marriage Act, 1954.

Application Fee

The bride and groom need to submit the following application fees for Haryana marriage registration.

Timeline Fees
Application submitted within 90 days from the Date of Marriage Rs.150/-
Application submitted after 90 days but within one year from marriage’s date Rs.350/-
Application submitted after 1 year Rs.300/-

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Procedure Of Haryana Marriage Registration Online 2024

To simplify the process of registering a marriage in Haryana, follow these steps:

Step 1: Registration

  1. Visit the official Haryana marriage registration website https://shaadi.edisha.gov.in/.
  2. Click on “Account” and then select “Register.”
  3. Read the Marriage Registration Manual carefully before proceeding.
  4. Fill in the registration form with details like username, email, and password.
  5. Click “Register” and activate your login credentials through the link sent to your email.
  6. Sign in on the official website using your username and password.
  7. Click on “Register Marriage” and complete the marriage details form, including groom and bride details.
  8. Upload photographs as required and tick the declaration.
  9. Submit the form and proceed to pay the application fees.
  10. Click on “My Registration,” then “View” to proceed to payment.

Step 2: Payment

  1. Click on “Proceed Payment.”
  2. Enter payment details like name, address, and bank information.
  3. Click “Pay” and follow instructions carefully.
  4. Proceed to payment on NIC e-GRAS.
  5. Continue, verify details, and click “OK” to note down the transaction ID.
  6. Note the transaction ID and click “OK” to proceed.
  7. Choose a payment option, enter details, and click “Confirm.”
  8. Complete the payment process.

This concludes the marriage registration process in Haryana.

Haryana Marriage Registration Offline Procedure 2024

To register your marriage through the offline procedure, follow these simple steps:

  • Visit the registration office of marriages in the Municipal Corporation of the area where the marriage took place.
  • Submit the application along with the required documents and the specified fee to the registration office on any working day.

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Download Haryana Marriage Certificate

To download your marriage certificate, follow these simple steps:

  • Visit the official website provided.
  • On the homepage, select the “Online Status” option under the Online Services menu.
  • A new webpage will appear.
  • Enter the required details:
    • Transaction ID
    • Verification code
  • Click on the download link to access your marriage certificate.

Haryana Marriage Registration Status Search

To simplify the process of tracking your marriage registration status on the Saral Haryana website:

  • Open the Saral Haryana website using a computer or laptop with an internet connection.
  • Log in using your username, password, and captcha code.
  • Choose the “View Status of Application” option and click on “Track Application Status.”
  • Enter the required information.
  • Select the date.
  • Enter the application registration number.
  • Click on “Get Detail” to view the status of your application.

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Print Application Form

To simplify the process of obtaining a marriage registration form in Haryana:

  • Visit the official Haryana marriage registration website.
  • Open the homepage.
  • Click on the “Account” tab.
  • Choose “Login” from the options.
  • Enter your login credentials in the form provided.
  • Click “Sign In” to access your account.
  • Navigate to the “My Registrations” tab.
  • Search for your marriage registration ID and click “View.”
  • The registration form will appear on the screen.
  • Click on “Print Form” to download the form to your computer.
  • Take a printout of the downloaded form for your records.

How to Take Appointment for Haryana Marriage Registration

To register your marriage in Haryana, follow these simplified steps:

  • Visit the official Haryana marriage registration website.
  • Open the homepage.
  • Click on the “Account” tab.
  • Select “Login” from the dropdown.
  • Enter your login credentials in the form provided.
  • Click “Sign In” to access your account.
  • Navigate to the “My Registrations” tab.
  • Find and click on your marriage registration ID to view details.
  • Select “Load Appointment Schedule.”
  • The appointment schedule will appear, allowing you to choose a suitable time for your appointment.

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In conclusion, the Haryana Marriage Registration in 2024 Online streamlines the marriage registration process, offering convenience to residents. The online platform allows for easy application and download of marriage certificates, eliminating the need for physical visits. This initiative by the Haryana Government reflects a commitment to efficient and accessible public services. Couples can now complete the registration from the comfort of their homes, marking a positive step towards modernized and citizen-friendly governance.


How can I apply for Haryana Marriage Registration online?

Visit the official Haryana marriage registration website, follow the registration process, and submit the required details.

What documents are needed for Haryana Marriage Registration?

Typically, documents like proof of identity, address, and marriage details are required.

Can I download my marriage certificate online?

Yes, after successful registration, you can download your marriage certificate from the official portal.

Is there an age requirement for marriage registration in Haryana?

Yes, both partners should meet the legal age requirements, typically 18 for the bride and 21 for the groom.

Is the marriage certificate legally valid?

Yes, the marriage certificate obtained through Haryana Marriage Registration is legally valid proof of marriage.

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