यूपी पंचामृत योजना क्या है Panchamrut Yojana Benefits & Eligibility, Application Process

यूपी पंचामृत योजना:- Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath introduced the “Panchamrit Yojana” with the aim of doubling farmers’ income and ensuring sustainable agriculture. This initiative focuses on maximizing production while minimizing costs and ensuring fair prices for agricultural produce. The scheme incorporates techniques such as trench management, garbage mulching, paddy management, drip irrigation, and co-cropping specifically for sugarcane cultivation.

The Panchamrut Yojana aims to reduce sugarcane production costs, enhance production, and improve land fertility through five innovative agricultural technologies. In Uttar Pradesh, a total of 2028 farmers will be chosen for the program. Before the autumn season, a model plot, covering a minimum area of 0.5 hectare, will be established. Fifteen plots will be selected in both the Sugarcane Development Council of Central and Western Uttar Pradesh, and ten plots each in Eastern Uttar Pradesh. District-wise targets will be set by officials from the Sugarcane Development Department.

UP Panchamrut Yojana 2024

The Sugarcane Department of Uttar Pradesh has launched the “UP Panchamrut Yojana” to double farmers’ income and boost sugarcane production. This initiative combines modern techniques like trench management, garbage mulching, paddy management, drip irrigation, and co-cropping to increase yields and reduce water consumption by 50-60%.

Sugarcane officials are visiting villages post-wheat harvest to educate farmers about this scheme, encouraging them to cultivate oilseeds, vegetables, and pulses alongside sugarcane, aligning with market demand. The government ensures fair pricing for farmers’ produce, addressing their concerns and promoting sustainable agriculture.

Uttar Pradesh Panchamrut Yojana

Uttar Pradesh Panchamrut Yojana Overview

Name Of The Scheme यूपी पंचामृत योजना
घोषणा कर्ता Chief Minister Shri Yogi Adityanath
Objective More production of sugarcane and doubling of income
Beneficiary UP farmer
Department Uttar Pradesh Sugarcane Development Department
Official Website Updated Soon
Category Govt. Scheme
State Uttar Pradesh
Year 2024

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Objective of UP Panchamrut Yojana

  • The UP Panchamrut Yojana aims to enhance sugarcane cultivation using advanced techniques, boosting yields and decreasing production costs.
  • Farmers can plant co-crops like coriander, peas, garlic, tomato, and wheat alongside sugarcane, increasing their income.
  • The scheme incorporates trench management, garbage mulching, paddy management, drip irrigation, and co-cropping methods.
  • 2028 selected farmers in Uttar Pradesh will focus on ideal sugarcane farming models on 0.5-hectare plots.
  • The initiative emphasizes water conservation, reducing costs through straw usage, minimizing pesticide use, supporting multiple crops, and curbing pollution from burning leaves.
  • District-wise targets will guide sugarcane cultivation efforts for maximum farmer participation.

Benefits & features of Panchamrut Yojana

  • The Panchamrut Yojana offers dual benefits to farmers in Uttar Pradesh.
  • It ensures maximum production at minimal cost and guarantees fair prices for their produce.
  • The government’s objective is to double farmers’ income, focusing exclusively on Uttar Pradesh farmers.
  • Through this scheme, the government incentivizes sugarcane cultivation, adjusting prices based on sugarcane quality.
  • Techniques like trench management, drip irrigation, waste utilization, and co-cropping are incorporated.
  • The initiative promotes water conservation, reduces costs, avoids pesticide use, and utilizes sugarcane straw effectively.
  • Consequently, burning leaves to control pollution becomes unnecessary.
  • The scheme encourages sugarcane cultivation, implements new technologies, boosts farmers’ income, and recognizes their achievements through district-specific targets and honors.

PM SHRI Yojana

Eligibility for UP Panchamrut Yojana

  • To benefit from the Panchamrut Yojana, the applicant must be a resident of Uttar Pradesh and engaged in farming with their own land.
  • Currently, the government has not specified the eligibility criteria for the scheme.
  • Once the government decides on the criteria, we will provide you with the updated information through this article, enabling you to avail the scheme’s benefits.

How to Apply for UP Panchamrut Yojana 2024?

  • UP government announced Panchamrit Yojana recently.
  • Purpose and benefits of the scheme have been explained.
  • Official website for application is not yet launched.
  • Once the website is live, we will update you through this article.
  • Stay tuned to apply and enhance your production and income.

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In conclusion, the Uttar Pradesh Panchamrit Yojana signifies a significant step towards modernizing sugarcane cultivation in the state. By integrating innovative techniques like trench management, garbage mulching, paddy management, drip irrigation, and co-cropping, the scheme aims to boost production while minimizing costs. Although the specific eligibility criteria are yet to be announced, the scheme primarily targets Uttar Pradesh farmers, offering them a chance to enhance their agricultural practices and increase their income. While the official application website is pending, the government’s commitment to doubling farmers’ income and promoting sustainable farming practices is evident. Stay tuned for updates to seize the benefits and elevate agricultural productivity in the state.


What is the Panchamrit Yojana in Uttar Pradesh?

Panchamrit Yojana is a government initiative in Uttar Pradesh aimed at modernizing sugarcane cultivation. It incorporates innovative methods like trench management, garbage mulching, paddy management, drip irrigation, and co-cropping.

What are the benefits of the Panchamrit Yojana?

The scheme offers benefits such as reduced production costs, increased land fertility, water conservation, reduced pollution through leaf burning, and promoting multiple crop cultivation. It also aims to boost farmers' income and promote sustainable farming practices.

Who is eligible to apply for the Panchamrit Yojana?

The specific eligibility criteria have not been announced yet. However, the scheme primarily targets farmers in Uttar Pradesh, focusing on enhancing their agricultural practices and income.

How can farmers apply for the Panchamrit Yojana?

The official application process and website details are yet to be released by the Uttar Pradesh government. Farmers are encouraged to stay updated through official government announcements and local agricultural offices for application procedures.

Is there a deadline for applying to the Panchamrit Yojana?

The deadline for applications has not been announced yet. Farmers are recommended to monitor official communications from the government for updates on application deadlines and related details.

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