Bhamashah Card Download & Apply, भामाशाह कार्ड राजस्थान 2024

Bhamashah Card Download:- The Chief Minister of Rajasthan had launched the Bhamashah Card Rajasthan scheme on August 15, the aim of which was to empower the women of the state and provide them the benefits of government schemes in a direct manner. Under this scheme, the woman has been made the head of the family. Under the Rajasthan Bhamashah Card Scheme, Bhamashah Cards have been issued for the women of the state. It is mandatory for every woman in every family to have an account in a bank branch. In this article we will provide you complete information about Bhamashah Card application process, required documents, eligibility etc.

Bhamashah Card Rajasthan 2024

The main objective of Rajasthan Bhamashah Card Scheme 2024 is that every woman should have a bank account, so that it can be linked to Aadhaar and Bhamashah. At the bank branch, the female head can have a single bank account or a bank account can be opened with her husband or family member. Under Rajasthan Bhamashah Card Scheme 2024, all cash and non-cash benefits will be delivered directly to women accounts. To avail cash and non-cash benefits of public welfare government schemes, Bhamashah nomination of the female head of the family is required. Without the bank account of the head woman, enrollment in Bhamashah will not be possible.

Bhamashah Card Rajasthan 2024

Bhamashah Card Overview

Name of the Scheme Bhamashah Card Rajasthan
State Name Rajasthan
Launch of the Scheme by Rajasthan Chief Minister
Category of Scheme Sponsored by State Government
Objective To provide social and economic security to women by making them empowered and self-reliant.
Benefits Cash and non-cash benefits of government schemes
Beneficiaries All families of the state
Current Year 2024
Category Sarkari Yojana
Official Website Click Here

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Objective Of Bhamashah Card

The main goal of the Rajasthan Bhamashah Card Scheme 2024 is to effortlessly provide women in the state with both cash and non-cash benefits from government programs. The scheme aims to empower women by making every family in the state have a female head, promoting self-reliance and reducing financial dependency. Through this initiative, financial challenges in women’s lives are addressed, and transparency in the distribution of benefits is a key objective of the Bhamashah Scheme.

Key facts of Bhamashah Card

  • The scheme focuses on connecting many women with banking services by opening bank accounts. This allows women to receive benefits directly into their accounts from any scheme.
  • Bank accounts opened with women as heads provide the convenience of receiving transaction information via SMS. Under the Bhamashah Card Scheme, only the woman, as the head, has control over the account opened in her name.
  • To ensure every family benefits, at least one woman should have a bank account through the Bhamashah card. This card also enables easy money withdrawals from the nearest Bhamashah center.
  • The Rajasthan Bhamashah Scheme 2024 aims to eliminate corruption in government schemes, ensuring that the benefits of these schemes reach everyone.

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Benefits of Bhamashah Card Scheme 2024

  • The Bhamashah Scheme aims to ensure that every family in the state, regardless of their background, can benefit from its various initiatives. The primary goal is to enhance transparency in the distribution of benefits to the recipients.
  • The Bhamashah Card facilitates the direct transfer of benefits from over fifty government schemes into the accounts of the beneficiaries. Recipients receive real-time transaction updates through SMS, ensuring transparency.
  • This initiative also provides families with essential advantages, including direct cash transfers to their bank accounts and convenient cash deposit and withdrawal facilities. Notably, women are designated as the heads of their families under the Bhamashah Card Yojana, reflecting the scheme’s commitment to empowering women.

Required Documents (Eligibility)

  • The beneficiary should be a permanent resident of Rajasthan.
  • It is mandatory for the beneficiary to have a bank account.
  • Aadhar card
  • Voter ID Card
  • Ration Card/PAN Card/BPL Card
  • passport size photo

Enroll Bhamashah Scheme

State residents can nominate themselves for the Bhamashah Card on the official website. Alternatively, for those preferring offline enrollment, the government will host two to three-day camps at Gram Panchayats and set up permanent centers at Raj Sampark Bharat Nirman Seva Kendra and Panchayat Samitis. You have the option to enroll either online or by visiting these designated locations.

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How to Register For Rajasthan Bhamashah Card 2024?

To register for the Bhamashah Card in Rajasthan and avail its benefits, follow these simplified steps:

First Stage: Registration

Residents in Rajasthan can register for the Bhamashah Card by following these steps:

  • Visit the official website.
  • Click on the “Bhamashah Enrolment” link on the home page.
  • A new window will appear with seven options:
    • Bhamashah Citizen Registration
    • Bhamashah Citizen Enrollment
    • Forget Registration Number
    • Acknowledgment Receipt
    • Upload Document
    • Bhamashah Card Status
    • Bhamashah Citizen PDF Enroll

Second Phase: Initial Registration

If you are registering for the Rajasthan Bhamashah Card Scheme for the first time, follow these steps:

  • Click on “Bhamashah Citizen Registration.”
  • Fill in the required details such as the head’s name, Aadhaar number, mobile number, and gender.
  • Click the submit button.

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Third Step: Enrollment

After successful registration, proceed with the enrollment process:

  • Click on “Bhamashah Citizen Enrolment.”
  • Enter the registration number obtained during registration.
  • The Bhamashah Parivar Enrollment Registration Form will appear.
  • Provide all necessary information, including basic details, residential address, personal information, and family identity documents.
  • Click submit and receive a receipt number for your Bhamashah Yojana registration.

By following these steps, you can easily register for the Rajasthan Bhamashah Card, ensuring you and your family can benefit from the scheme.

How to Download Bhamashah Card 2024?

To download the Bhamashah card, follow these simplified steps:

  • Register on the Rajasthan SSO portal or visit any SSO center
  • Log in to your SSO account.
  • Look for the Citizen App link on the left side after login.
  • Click on the Bhamashah option under the Citizen App.
  • Choose the Bhamashah e-card option.
  • Provide the required information.
  • Download the Bhamashah card.

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In conclusion, the Bhamashah Card in Rajasthan, as of 2024, stands as a pivotal tool for socio-economic empowerment. The streamlined process for both downloading and applying for the card ensures accessibility for residents. By integrating technology and government schemes, it aims to provide direct benefits to families, with a special focus on empowering women. As Rajasthan progresses into 2024, the Bhamashah Card serves as a beacon of financial inclusion and transparent governance, fostering self-reliance and enhancing the overall well-being of its citizens.


What is the Bhamashah Card, and why is it important in Rajasthan in 2024?

The Bhamashah Card is a crucial initiative in Rajasthan, facilitating easy access to government benefits. In 2024, it empowers residents by providing direct benefits and promoting financial inclusion.

How can I download the Bhamashah Card in Rajasthan?

Visit the official website and follow the outlined steps for downloading the Bhamashah Card. Ensure you meet the necessary criteria and provide accurate information during the process.

What are the eligibility criteria for applying for the Bhamashah Card?

All residents of Rajasthan are eligible to apply. Women are often designated as heads of families under the scheme, emphasizing gender empowerment.

What benefits does the Bhamashah Card offer in 2024?

The card provides direct access to cash and non-cash benefits from various government schemes, promoting financial well-being and transparency.

How can I check the status of my Bhamashah Card application?

Utilize the online portal or contact the designated authorities for updates on your application status.

Where can I find more information or assistance regarding Bhamashah Card in Rajasthan?

Visit the official website for detailed information or reach out to local government offices for assistance.

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