Jagananna Gorumudda Scheme 2024 AP YSR Mid Day Meal Scheme

Jagananna Gorumudda Scheme :- In recent years, the mid-day meal program has proven to be a significant asset for government schools in our country, facilitating increased enrollment. This article focuses on the essential details of the Andhra Pradesh YSR Mid-Day Meal Scheme, soon to be renamed the Jagananna Gorumudda Scheme in 2024. Additionally, we will provide insights into the food menu planned under the Jagananna Gurumudda scheme for the upcoming year.

Jagananna Gorumudda Scheme 2024

The Andhra Pradesh mid-day meal scheme has been transformed into the Jagananna Gurumudda Scheme. The Chief Minister, Mr. YSR Jagan Mohan Reddy, aimed to enhance the scheme for the benefit of all students in Andhra Pradesh schools. The objective is to incorporate a comprehensive range of nutrients in the mid-day meals provided to students in government schools.

Jagananna Gorumudda Scheme

Jagananna Gorumudda Scheme Overview

Name Jagananna Gurumudda
Launched by AP Government
Beneficiaries Students of AP Government Schools
Objective Mid-day Meals
Category Sarkari Yojana
Official Website https://jaganannagorumudda.ap.gov.in/

मध्य प्रदेश पशुपालन लोन

AP YSR Mid Day Meal Scheme Implementation

The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh has announced an increase in the salaries of those responsible for preparing and distributing mid-day meals in schools. This decision is part of the government’s efforts to ensure the availability of quality ingredients for the preparation of nutritious mid-day meals across all government schools in the state. The increased salaries aim to create a conducive and healthy environment for those involved in the distribution of mid-day meals in Andhra Pradesh.

Jagananna Gorumudda Yojana Menu

The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh has approved the following menu for the mid-day meals in government schools:

SSPMIS Payment Status

Day Menu
Monday Rice, Sambar, and Tomato Chutney
Tuesday Rice, Dal, and Cabbage Curry
Wednesday Rice, Sambar, and Tomato Dal
Thursday Rice, Dal, and Spinach Curry
Friday Rice, Sambar, and Egg Curry
Saturday Rice, Dal, and Brinjal Curry

This menu is designed to provide a balanced and nutritious diet for the students, promoting their overall well-being.

Specification Of The AP YSR Mid Day Meals

The Andhra Pradesh Government has announced that boiled eggs will be included in the mid-day meals for government school students four times a week. This provision applies to students from class 1st to class 10th. The authorities emphasize proper utilization and distribution of food, and District Education Officers (DEOs) are instructed to submit Mid-Day Meal (MDM) bills to the Treasury Office by the 5th of each month for the previous month’s bills, with payments to be made by the 10th of the month.

Kashi Yatra Scheme


In conclusion, the Jagananna Gorumudda Scheme represents a commendable stride towards prioritizing the health and nutrition of students in Andhra Pradesh. With its thoughtful additions, such as boiled eggs and a well-balanced weekly menu, the initiative aims to provide wholesome meals, contributing to the overall well-being of students. The increased remuneration for those involved in meal preparation underscores the government’s commitment to recognizing and motivating the essential contributors to this crucial program. This revamped scheme is poised to positively impact the educational journey and health outcomes of students across the state.


What is the Jagananna Gorumudda Scheme?

The Jagananna Gorumudda Scheme is a revamped version of the mid-day meal program in Andhra Pradesh, formerly known as the YSR mid-day meal scheme. It focuses on enhancing the nutritional content, introducing boiled eggs, and ensuring quality meals for students in government schools.

How often will boiled eggs be provided under the scheme?

Boiled eggs will be provided four times a week to students from classes 1st to 10th attending government schools in Andhra Pradesh.

What improvements does the Jagananna Gorumudda Scheme bring to the mid-day meal program?

The scheme brings improvements such as an enriched weekly menu, increased salaries for meal preparers, and an emphasis on food quality, aiming to enhance the overall health of students.

Who can benefit from the Jagananna Gorumudda Scheme?

Students studying in government schools in Andhra Pradesh, from class 1st to class 10th, are eligible to benefit from the Jagananna Gorumudda Scheme.

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