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Lalitha Jewellery Scheme 2024:- India stands as one of the globe’s largest consumers of gold, cherished for its enduring value amidst economic fluctuations. Yet, the sheer expense of holding substantial quantities of gold concurrently poses financial hurdles. Enter gold savings plans, offered by reputable jewelers, aiming to streamline and mitigate the costs of acquiring gold.

Lalitha Thanga Maaligai boasts an extensive array of jewelry designs, blending both contemporary and traditional styles. Renowned for its production of diamond, gold, and platinum jewelry, Lalitha also crafts birthstone jewelry and silver sets, catering to diverse tastes. Lalitha’s refined savings programs simplify the jewelry purchasing process. Furthermore, the government’s initiative to subsidize high-quality jewelry and luxury items for lower-income households promises to alleviate poverty by enhancing access to essential household items at reasonable prices.

Lalitha Jewellery Scheme

However, unlike a conventional savings plan, a gold investment scheme does not yield interest on the accumulated amount. To compensate for this lack of interest, jewelers offer a bonus on the total saved sum. Typically, most jewelers propose providing the bonus as a cash incentive or offering a discount on the final installment. For instance, Mukesh opted for a gold savings scheme, committing to a monthly deposit of Rs. 6000. Per the scheme’s guidelines, Mukesh is required to complete 10 full installments, after which the jeweler will grant a 90% discount on the final payment.

Lalitha Jewellery Scheme

The Lalitha Jewellery Scheme was a governmental endeavor in India aimed at enhancing financial stability and well-being for the economically disadvantaged. Through subsidies and discounts, the scheme facilitated access to meticulously selected high-quality jewelry, fashion accessories, and luxury items for low-income households. Additionally, the initiative sought to promote financial literacy and prevent financial hardship among marginalized communities. Launched in 2024, the Lalitha Jewellery Scheme 2024 was allocated a budget of INR 7,000 billion (US$100 billion) for the ensuing 20 years.

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Lalitha Jewellery Scheme Overview

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Features of Lalitha Jewellery Scheme

  • Introduced by the Sri Lankan government in 2018, Lalitha Jewellery stands as a gold and diamond scheme aimed at furnishing citizens with affordable, high-quality jewelry while fostering economic diversification. By offering discounted rates on gold and diamonds to jewelers, who subsequently retail the jewelry, the scheme bolsters domestic production and diminishes reliance on foreign resources.
  • This initiative not only seeks to bolster local manufacturing but also aims to curtail import dependency, thereby broadening the country’s economic base. Garnering acclaim from various experts, Lalitha Jewellery is seen as a catalyst for enhancing public trust in governmental policies.
  • Upon enrollment, customers are furnished with a passbook and a membership card, with installment options ranging from Rs.500 to Rs.15,000. The scheme spans 11 months, necessitating consecutive monthly payments. After completing the 11th installment, customers have a 30-day window to utilize the accumulated value for purchasing gold or diamond jewelry. Any price disparity for chosen items necessitates payment by the customer, with additional weight incurring VAT and waste charges.
  • Furthermore, stone fees apply to jewelry featuring special stones such as diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and zircons. Lalithaa Jewellery assumes the 1 percent VAT burden. To facilitate purchases, customers must surrender their original membership card and ensure that the invoice is signed by the applicant or an authorized representative with proper identification.

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Lalitha Jewellery Chit Payment Process

Payment methods for Lalitha Jewellery schemes are streamlined through the SBI Online Lalitha Jewellery Chit Payment Process:

  1. Visit the SBI website at
  2. Access the “SBI collect” section from the menu and review the terms and conditions.
  3. Alternatively, use the direct link:
  4. Proceed and select Tamil Nadu > Merchant under the type option.
  5. Choose Lalitha Jewelry Mart Ltd from the merchant tab.
  6. Provide necessary category and request information.
  7. Submit your request, confirm, and make payment using your preferred mode.
  8. Ensure to save or print the receipt for future reference.

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Lalitha Jewellery Monthly Scheme Online Payment

  • Present your membership card for the payment process.
  • Payment options include cash, credit card, electronic clearance services, cheque, demand draft, etc.
  • Additional charges may apply for bounced cheques, and standard fees are applicable for credit card payments.

Lalitha Jewellery Scheme Online Payment via SBI Collect Process

  • Visit the SBI bank website portal:
  • Click on “State Bank Collect” and agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Proceed and select Tamil Nadu state > Merchant as the type of institution.
  • Choose “Lalithaa Jewellery Mart P Ltd” under the merchant section.
  • Provide necessary category and information.
  • Confirm your selection and choose your preferred payment mode.
  • Payment modes include SBI credit card, SBI ATM, net banking, debit card, etc.
  • Review the details and confirm the payment.
  • Save or print the receipt generated for your records.

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In conclusion, the SBI Online Lalitha Jewellery Chit Payment Process and Lalitha Jewellery Scheme Online Payment options provide convenient and efficient methods for customers to manage their installment payments and scheme contributions. By leveraging online platforms and diverse payment modes, Lalitha Jewellery ensures ease of transaction for its clientele, enhancing their overall experience. These streamlined processes underscore Lalitha Jewellery’s commitment to customer satisfaction and accessibility, further solidifying its position as a trusted provider in the jewelry industry.


What is Lalitha Jewellery Scheme?

Lalitha Jewellery Scheme is a government initiative aimed at providing low-cost, high-quality gold and diamond jewelry to citizens, thereby fostering economic diversification.

What are the benefits of Lalitha jewellery gold scheme?

Lalithaa's revolutionary Jewellery Scheme offers you the opportunity to swap your old jewels for new ones at no additional expense. Alternatively, you can opt to join the scheme by making a single payment and selecting your desired jewelry to take home.

Who is the owner of Lalitha Jewellery?

Professionally, Kiran Kumar holds the positions of Managing Director and Chairman at Lalitha Jewellery, an Indian jewelry group certified by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), situated in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The company was founded in 1985, and Kiran Kumar currently serves as its Chairman.

What is the Speciality of Lalitha Jewellery?

The company pioneered the introduction of Hallmarking for jewelry, ensuring the authenticity of the gold used. Additionally, it was the first to eliminate making charges on jewelry. Moreover, it stands as the sole provider offering gold jewelry at manufacturing prices with the lowest V.A. charges in the market.

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