नाबार्ड योजना रजिस्ट्रेशन 2024 डेयरी फार्मिंग योजना ऑनलाइन आवेदन | एप्लीकेशन फॉर्म

नाबार्ड योजना रजिस्ट्रेशन:- The Central Government introduced NABARD Yojana to generate job opportunities across the country. This initiative focuses on offering low-interest loans to rural residents for organizing dairy farming. Banks administer the loans, and the Animal Husbandry Department plans to set up modern dairies in every district. This article aims to provide comprehensive details about the NABARD Scheme 2024.

Nabard Yojana 2024

To alleviate the challenges farmers are facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has announced a new measure within the NABARD scheme. An additional Rs 30,000 crore in refinance assistance will be provided to farmers, supplementing the existing Rs 90,000 crore under the NABARD scheme. This financial support will be channeled to governments through cooperative banks, benefiting around 3 crore farmers across the country.

Nabard Yojana

Nabard Yojana Overview

Name Of Scheme नाबार्ड योजना 2024
Started By By Nirmala Sita Raman Ji
Beneficiary unemployed citizens of the country
Objective Nation’s Development Bank to promote rural prosperity
Application Process Online/Offline
Category Govt. Scheme
Official Website www.nabard.org

Dairy Farming Scheme 2024

In addition to animal husbandry, the Fisheries Department will collaborate to ensure the smooth implementation of the Dairy Farming Scheme 2024. This initiative aims to provide self-employment to unemployed individuals in rural areas, fostering easy business operations and increasing employment opportunities nationwide. The scheme encourages the establishment of machine-based dairy farms for milk production, covering everything from production to the care of cows and buffaloes, as well as the manufacturing of ghee. Those interested in benefiting from the Nabard Yojana 2024 need to apply under this scheme.

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Objective Of Nabard Yojana

Many rural residents depend on unorganized dairy farming for their livelihood, often resulting in limited profits. The Nabard Yojana 2024 aims to organize and streamline the dairy industry to foster self-employment and enhance facilities in this sector. The primary goal is to provide interest-free loans to support individuals in running their dairy businesses, ultimately promoting milk production and addressing unemployment. The government is actively working to boost farmers’ income on a large scale through this initiative.

Nabard Dairy Scheme 2024 Bank Subsidy

  • The Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme provides subsidies for initiating a milk product manufacturing unit.
  • In the NABARD Dairy Scheme 2024, you can purchase milk processing equipment.
  • For instance, if you buy a machine worth Rs 13.20 lakh, you can receive a capital subsidy of 25%, amounting to Rs 3.30 lakh.
  • If you belong to the SC/ST category, you can avail a subsidy of Rs 4.40 lakh.
  • According to NABARD’s District Development Manager (DDM), the bank approves the loan amount, with 25% contributed by the beneficiary.
  • Those interested in benefiting from this scheme should directly contact the bank.
  • If you plan to start a dairy with fewer than five cows, you must provide cost proof, and the government will offer a 50% subsidy.
  • Farmers will need to repay 50% to the bank in different installments.

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Nabard Dairy Yojana 2024 Farming Scheme

  1. First Scheme – Establishment of Small Dairy Units:
    • Investment: ₹5,00,000 for a dairy of 10 animals.
    • Subsidy: 25% (33.33% for SC/ST farmers) with a limit of ₹1.25 lakh (₹1.67 lakh for SC/ST farmers).
    • Maximum subsidy of ₹25,000 for 2 animal units (₹33,300 for SC/ST farmers).
  1. Second Scheme – Rearing of Heifer Calves:
    • Investment: ₹80 lakh for 20 calves units.
    • Subsidy: Up to 25% on capital up to ₹1,25,000. SC/ST category gets up to ₹1,60,000 with a 33.33% subsidy. Maximum ₹30,000 subsidy for a 5-calves unit (₹40,000 for SC/ST).
  1. Third Scheme – Vermicompost and Manure:
    • Investment: Up to ₹20,000.
    • Subsidy: 25% (33.33% for SC/ST) on an investment of ₹4.50 lakh (₹6 lakh for SC/ST).
  1. Fourth Scheme – Purchase of Milk Testing Equipment:
    • Investment: Up to ₹18 lakh.
    • Subsidy: 25% of expenditure with a capital subsidy of ₹4.50 lakh (₹6.00 lakh for SC/ST).
  1. Fifth Scheme – Purchase of Dairy Processing Equipment:
    • Investment: Minimum ₹12 lakh.
    • Subsidy: 25% on a capital loan of ₹3,00,000. SC/ST category gets up to ₹4,00,000 with a 33.33% subsidy.
  1. Sixth Scheme – Dairy Product Transportation and Cold Chain:
    • Investment: Minimum ₹24 lakh.
    • Subsidy: Maximum loan of ₹7,50,000 with a 25% subsidy (33.33% for SC/ST). SC/ST category gets a loan up to ₹10 lakh with a 33.33% subsidy.
  1. Seventh Scheme – Cold Storage Facility:
    • Investment: At least ₹30 lakh.
    • Subsidy: 25% of the total expenditure, ₹45,000 subsidy for mobile, and ₹60,000 for fixed. SC/ST category gets a 33.33% subsidy (maximum ₹80,000 for mobile and ₹60,000 for fixed).
  1. Eighth Scheme – Private Veterinary Clinic:
    • Investment: ₹2.40 lakh for mobile and ₹1.80 lakh for stationary.
    • Subsidy: 25% of expenditure (33.33% for SC/ST) with a capital subsidy of ₹45,000 and ₹60,000 (₹80,000 and ₹60,000 for SC/ST) for mobile and stationary clinics.
  1. Ninth Scheme – Dairy Marketing Outlet/Dairy Parlor:
    • Investment: ₹56,000.
    • Subsidy: 25% of the expenditure or ₹14,000 (33.33% for SC/ST), with a maximum of ₹18,600 for SC/ST farmers.

These schemes offer financial support to encourage various aspects of dairy-related activities, catering to different investment needs and providing subsidies accordingly.

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Beneficiaries of NABARD Dairy Farming Scheme

  • Farmer
  • entrepreneur
  • companies
  • Non government organization
  • organized group
  • unorganized sector

Loan giving institutions under Nabard Dairy Farming Yojana

  • commercial bank
  • regional bank
  • State Cooperative Bank
  • State Cooperative Agriculture and Rural Development Bank
  • Other Institutions Eligible for Refinance from NABARD

NABARD Dairy Subsidy Scheme Eligibility

  • NABARD Yojana supports various entities like farmers, entrepreneurs, NGOs, companies, and organized or unorganized groups.
  • Each person can benefit from the scheme only once.
  • However, multiple family members can receive assistance by setting up different units at least 500 meters apart.
  • While an individual can seek help for all components, they can be eligible for each component only once.

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How to Apply NABARD Scheme 2024 Online?

  1. Go to NABARD’s official website https://www.nabard.org/.
  2. Look for the Information Centre option on the home page.
  3. Click on the Information Centre option.
  4. On the next page, find and click on the download PDF option for your plan.
  5. Open the downloaded PDF form.
  6. Fill out the form.
  7. Submit the completed form.

How to Apply Nabard Yojana Offline 2024?

Offline Application Process for NABARD Dairy Farming Scheme:

  • Determine the Type of Dairy Farm: Decide the scale and type of dairy farm you wish to establish under the NABARD scheme.
  • Visit NABARD Office or Nearest Bank: For those opting for the NABARD scheme, visit the NABARD office in your district. Alternatively, for small dairy farms, seek information from your nearby bank.
  • Fill Subsidy Form: Obtain the subsidy form from the bank and complete the necessary details.
  • Submit Application: Submit the filled subsidy form at the bank along with any required documents.
  • Project Report Submission (for Large Loan Amounts): If the loan amount is substantial, the applicant may need to submit a detailed project report to NABARD.

This offline application process enables interested beneficiaries to apply for the NABARD Dairy Farming Scheme through either the NABARD office or a local bank, ensuring accessibility and ease of application.

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In conclusion, the NABARD Yojana 2024 Dairy Farming Scheme, with its online registration and application process, signifies a pivotal step towards organized and sustainable dairy farming in India. By providing financial support and subsidies, it not only encourages entrepreneurship but also contributes to the economic empowerment of individuals, especially in rural areas. The ease of online application reflects a commitment to accessibility, making this initiative a promising avenue for those seeking to venture into dairy farming and related enterprises.


What is the NABARD Yojana 2024 Dairy Farming Scheme?

The NABARD Yojana 2024 Dairy Farming Scheme is a government initiative aimed at promoting organized dairy farming, offering financial assistance and subsidies.

How can I register for the scheme online?

You can register online by visiting the official NABARD website and filling out the designated application form.

Who is eligible to apply for the Dairy Farming Scheme?

Eligibility criteria may vary, but generally, individuals involved in or intending to start dairy farming activities can apply.

What documents are required for the application?

Necessary documents typically include identification proof, proof of residence, and details related to your farming activities.

Where can I get more information or assistance regarding the scheme?

For more information or assistance, refer to the official NABARD website or contact the relevant authorities listed on the portal.

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