राजस्थान श्रमिक कार्ड 2024 मजदूर कार्ड ऑनलाइन आवेदन, लाभ एवं पात्रता

राजस्थान श्रमिक कार्ड:- To ensure that workers receive social and economic security, the government introduces various schemes. Unfortunately, many workers miss out on these benefits due to a lack of information about the schemes. Recognizing this issue, the Rajasthan Government has introduced the Rajasthan Shramik Card Scheme. Citizens holding a Rajasthan Shramik Card are eligible for benefits from a variety of government schemes. This article will provide information on how to register for the Rajasthan Shramik Card online, as well as details on downloading the labor card and viewing the Rajasthan labor card list.

Rajasthan Shramik Card 2024

If you have a Shramik Card or Labor Card in the state, your labor family can enjoy the benefits of various government schemes, including housing, insurance, healthcare, Shubh Shakti Yojana, and maternity assistance, provided by the Rajasthan Government. Interested beneficiaries in the state can apply for the Rajasthan Shramik Card by visiting the official website and registering online. The labor card can be obtained through both online and offline methods. For those unfamiliar with online application processes, they can visit the nearest labor department for offline application. The Rajasthan Shramik Card is also available for download.

Rajasthan Shramik Card 2024

Rajasthan Shramik Card Overview

Nam Of the Scheme Rajasthan Shramik Card
Started By State Government
Beneficiary state labor families
Department Labor Welfare Department
Category Sarkari Yojana
Official Website jansoochna.rajasthan.gov.in

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Objective Of Rajasthan Shramik Card

The Shramik Card Scheme has been introduced by the state government to assist economically disadvantaged workers who struggle to meet their financial needs and provide for their children. With the Rajasthan Shramik Card, these workers can access various government schemes that offer additional financial and other support. This initiative aims to improve the quality of life for labor families in Rajasthan.

Types of schemes launched for Rajasthan workers

  • Shubh Shakti Yojana:
    • Aim: Empowerment of adult and unmarried daughters and women stakeholders among construction workers.
    • Implementation: Statewide from January 1, 2016.
    • Benefit: ₹55,000 incentive for eligible beneficiaries.
  • Construction Workers Life and Future Security Scheme:
    • Aim: Provide insurance and pension benefits to registered construction workers.
    • Implementation: Statewide from January 1, 2016.
    • Benefit: Utilizes existing schemes such as Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana, Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana, and Atal Pension Yojana.
  • Construction Workers Education and Skill Development Scheme:
    • Aim: Support the education and skill development of children of construction workers.
    • Integration: Combines Education Assistance Scheme, Cash Award Scheme, and Kaushal Shakti Scheme.
  • Construction Workers Accessible Housing Scheme:
    • Aim: Provide grants for housing to eligible workers under various government housing schemes.
  • Scheme for Reimbursement of Expenditure on Critical Illnesses:
    • Aim: Reimburse medical expenses for serious illnesses UP Kanya Vidya Dhan Yojana.
    • Eligibility: Registered workers under Section 12 with a valid identity card.
  • Rajasthan Indira Rasoi Yojana:
    • Aim: Specific to a broader food security scheme for the general population.
  • Maternity Assistance Scheme:
    • Aim: Financial assistance for women construction workers during childbirth.
    • Eligibility: Registered women workers under Section 12 with a beneficiary identity card.
  • Scheme for Reimbursement of Expenditure on Visas for Employment Abroad:
    • Aim: Reimburse visa expenses for construction workers employed abroad.
  • Incentive Scheme for Construction Workers International Sports Competition:
    • Aim: Encourage participation in international sports with monetary incentives based on performance.
  • Preliminary Scheme for Indian/Rajasthan Administrative Service:
    • Aim: Financial assistance for construction workers and their children passing preliminary exams for administrative services.
  • Scheme for Repayment of Interest on Business Loan:
    • Aim: Repay interest on business loans for construction workers.
  • Scheme for Reimbursement of Tuition Fees for IIT-IIM Admissions:
    • Aim: Reimburse tuition fees for the children of construction workers admitted to prestigious educational institutions like IIT and IIM.

These schemes collectively address various aspects of the well-being, education, housing, health, and future prospects of construction workers and their families in the state of Rajasthan.

Benefits of schemes available through Rajasthan Shramik Card

  • Life and Future Security Scheme: When you take an insurance policy, the government covers the premium, ensuring financial security for construction workers.
  • Education and Skill Development Scheme: Children of beneficiaries receive state government scholarships ranging from Rs 8,000 to Rs 25,000 per year.
  • Maternity Assistance Scheme: Women giving birth receive Rs 20,000 for a boy and Rs 21,000 for a girl, promoting maternal and child well-being.
  • Nirman Shramik Sulabhya Awas Yojana: Construction workers can receive up to Rs 50 lakh for building their houses, supporting housing needs.
  • Shubhashakti Yojana: Financial assistance of Rs 50,000 is provided for a girl child, and Rs 1 lakh for two girls, promoting the well-being of female children.
  • Assistance Scheme for Silicosis Sufferers Beneficiaries: Registered construction workers suffering from silicosis receive financial assistance ranging from Rs 1 to Rs 3 lakh for their medical needs.

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Eligibility for schemes launched for workers of Rajasthan

Scheme Eligibility Criteria
Shubh Shakti Yojana 1. Applicant (daughter’s father, mother, or both) must be registered with the board for at least 1 year.
2. Maximum of two daughters or a female beneficiary and one daughter can receive the incentive.
3. Female beneficiary should be unmarried or have a daughter.
4. Minimum age requirement is 18 years.
5. The applicant must have passed at least the 8th class.
6. Savings bank account is mandatory.
7. Toilet in the residence is required if the applicant owns a house.
Construction Workers Life and Future Security Scheme 1. Must be registered as a beneficiary in the Labor Board.
2. Should have a savings account in the bank.
3. Eligibility for various government insurance and pension schemes.
4. Consent to deduct the contribution/premium amount is required.
5. Deduction should be done through one’s own savings account.
Construction Workers Education and Skill Development Scheme 1. Should be registered as a laborer in the Board.
2. Only the son, daughter, or wife of the laborer is eligible.
3. Only 2 members of a family can benefit.
4. Beneficiary should be studying in a recognized school/college.
5. Must have passed exams from class 8 to 12 with 75% marks or above.
6. Wife’s age should not exceed 35 years for scholarship eligibility.
Construction Workers Sulabh Awas Yojana 1. Mandatory registration for at least 1 year.
2. Contribution deposit is required.
3. Only one subsidy can be obtained for housing if both spouses are eligible.
4. Scheme benefit can be availed only once.
5. Existing property in the applicant’s name makes them ineligible.
Reimbursement of Expenditure on Critical Illness Scheme 1. Registered construction workers with an identity card are eligible.
2. Contribution for at least 1 year is required.
Maternity Assistance Scheme 1. Institutional delivery is mandatory.
2. Defaulters in monthly contribution won’t be eligible.
3. Scheme can be availed only twice.
4. Assistance won’t be given for more than two children before registration.
5. Woman should be registered under Section 13 of the Labor Act.
Reimbursement of Expenditure on Visa for Employment Abroad 1. Registered workers with continuous contributions are eligible.
2. Scheme benefit can be availed only once.
3. Valid passport and visa are required.
4. Permission from the Protector of Emigrants is necessary.
Incentive Scheme for International Sports Competition 1. Registered workers continuously depositing contributions are eligible.
2. Unmarried sons or daughters of workers can benefit.
Scheme for Indian/Rajasthan Administrative Service 1. Registered workers with continuous contributions are eligible.
2. Parental annual income should not exceed ₹250,000.
3. Not applicable for candidates already in government service.
4. Benefit is not provided for passing the preliminary examination of administrative service in states other than Rajasthan.
Repayment of Interest on Business Loan Scheme 1. Construction workers registered with the Board and depositing contributions are eligible.
2. Applications for commercialization can be forwarded by the Board to financial institutions.
3. Loan approval from a third institution is necessary.
4. Scheme excludes purchasing land, vehicles, shops, or household items.
Tuition Fee Reimbursement Scheme 1. Beneficiaries registered in the Tuition Fee Reimbursement Scheme Board with continuous contributions are eligible.
2. Son or daughter must get admission in higher educational institutions.
3. Admission must be through entrance examination, and tuition fees must be deposited.
4. Parental annual income should not exceed ₹250,000.
Assistance in Case of Death or Injury 1. Applicant’s age should be between 18 to 60 years.
2. Mandatory registration under Section 12 of the Board.
3. Regular and timely contribution deposit is required.

राजस्थान फ्री लैपटॉप योजना

Benefits Of Rajasthan Shramik Card

  • The Rajasthan State Government has introduced the Mazdoor Card Scheme to provide various government benefits to workers.
  • This labor card is exclusively for the state’s laborers.
  • With the Shramik Card, workers can access schemes like Education and Skill Development, Accessibility and Housing, Life and Future Security, Shubhashakti, Maternity Assistance, Health and Insurance, and reimbursement for serious diseases.
  • To benefit from the Rajasthan Shramik Card Scheme, laborers need to apply by filling out the application form.
  • Having a Shramik Card and being registered under the Food Security Scheme allows individuals to purchase wheat at a subsidized rate of Rs 2 per kg.

Required Documents (Eligibility)

  • The applicant must be a permanent resident of Rajasthan.
  • Workers working under NREGA for 90 days in a year are eligible.
  • Register Nirman Shramik can apply for Shramik Card.
  • Aadhar card
  • Ration card
  • Address proof
  • caste certificate
  • bank account passbook
  • labor certificate
  • mobile number
  • Passport size photo

ग्रामीण कामगार सेतु योजना

How to Apply for Shramik Card Rajasthan 2024 Offline?

  • If you can’t apply for the Rajasthan Shramik Card, you can apply offline by visiting the Labor Department office.
  • There, you’ll need to get an application form, fill in the required details, and attach necessary documents.
  • Finally, submit the completed form at the office to complete your offline application.

How to Register For Rajasthan Shramik Card Online 2024?

To apply for the Rajasthan Shramik Card, interested beneficiaries need to follow these simplified steps:

  • Download the Rajasthan Shramik Card Application Form using the provided link https://jansoochna.rajasthan.gov.in/.
  • Fill in the required information in the downloaded form, including name, address, date of birth, and mobile number.
  • Submit the completed application form to the local labor office or an authorized officer designated by the Divisional Secretary or relevant department within the specified timeframe.
  • The application period extends up to one year from the end of the financial year in which the contribution or premium amount is deducted from the beneficiary’s bank savings account.

By following these steps, beneficiaries can successfully apply for the Rajasthan Shramik Card.

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In conclusion, the Rajasthan Shramik Card 2024 is a vital initiative ensuring economic and social welfare for laborers. The online application process simplifies accessibility, allowing workers to avail themselves of diverse government benefits. This endeavor addresses the challenge of information gaps, aiming to include all eligible citizens in its ambit. The scheme not only streamlines the registration process but also facilitates downloading labor cards and accessing the Rajasthan labor card list. Overall, the Rajasthan Shramik Card Scheme stands as a commendable stride towards empowering and securing the well-being of the state’s labor force.


What is the Rajasthan Shramik Card 2024?

The Rajasthan Shramik Card is a government initiative providing online registration for laborers, offering various benefits and eligibility criteria.

Who is eligible to apply for the Rajasthan Shramik Card online?

All citizens seeking benefits from government schemes for laborers can apply online. Eligibility criteria are outlined in the application process.

What benefits are available under the Rajasthan Shramik Card Scheme?

Benefits include access to housing schemes, insurance, healthcare, Shubh Shakti Yojana, and maternity assistance, among others.

How can I apply for the Rajasthan Shramik Card online?

Visit the official website, follow the registration process, and provide necessary details as outlined in the application form.

Can I apply for the Shramik Card offline?

Yes, applicants can visit their nearest labor department for offline registration if they are not comfortable with the online process.

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