SBI HRMS Portal 2024 Login For Pensioners, Bank Staff, Download Salary Slip

SBI HRMS Portal 2024:- The State Bank of India introduced the SBI HRMS Portal to provide online banking services. This portal allows employees and pensioners to easily download their pension slips in PDF format. For more details, read below about the SBI HRMS Portal.


The State Bank of India has introduced the SBI HRMS, a Human Resource Management System, benefiting both current and former employees. This portal acts as a convenient hub, offering various instant employee services. Through this system, employees can access essential information such as pay details, upcoming holidays, career history, download payslips, pension data, tour details, and even update PF nominees. This service isn’t limited to present employees; former staff members can also utilize it. Accessible nationwide, SBI HRMS ensures data security through multi-factor authentication. Employees can use the web portal or the mobile app, my HRMS, for convenient access, promoting efficiency and saving valuable time.

SBI HRMS Portal Overview 2024

Portal Name SBI HRMS Portal
Initiated by State Bank of India
Objective To provide online service
Beneficiaries Employers, Account Holders, and the Pensioners
Services Offered Pensioner Slip, Salary Slip, View Transaction History, etc
Benefit To check on services, people do not need to go to the bank.
Services Mode Online
Category Trending
Official Website

Objective Of SBI HRMS Portal

Before the SBI HRMS portal, pensioners and employers had to visit banks for services like printing pay slips. SBI introduced the portal to simplify this process. Now, they can access these services from home, printing payslips without needing to go to the bank.

SBI HRMS Portal Features & Benefits

The SBI HRMS Portal, introduced in 2017, offers several features and benefits:

  • Convenience: Pensioners and employers can easily download payslips and salary slips online through the HRMS SBI Portal.
  • Accessibility: The portal is accessible to retired employees as well, providing online pay stubs and salary slips in PDF format.
  • User-Friendly: Users can access various services with a single click, including viewing transaction histories online.
  • Digital Delivery: The portal’s main purpose is to provide wage and pension slips online, eliminating the need to visit the bank in person.

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Services Available on SBI HRMS Portal

The SBI HRMS Portal is designed for retired employees, allowing them to access services from home instead of visiting the bank. The portal offers various services, including:

  1. IRJ: Provides information about SBI activities, such as promotion plans, pay stubs, and hiring initiatives.
  2. SAP (System Analysis & Programming): Offers applications for Capital Management, Succession Planning, Performance Appraisals, Competency Assessment, Career Development, Virtual Classrooms, and Property Management.
  3. SBI Coin: Allows access to Retirement Plan details, Pension Slips, and Pension Plan information.

SBI HRMS Portal Services Offered

The SBI HRMS Portal offers these services:

  1. View Complaint Status: Check the status of complaints online.
  2. Account Balance: Easily view your bank account balance.
  3. Loan Status: Track the status of your loans.
  4. Fund Nomination: Manage fund nominations online.
  5. Pension Plan: Access information about your pension plan.
  6. Apply Online: Apply for various services online.
  7. Salary Payslip: Generate your salary payslip electronically.
  8. Holiday Dates: View schedules of SBI holidays.
  9. Account Statements: Generate statements and view transactions online.


SBI HRMS Portal Beneficiaries

The beneficiaries of the SBI HRMS Portal include current employees of SBI Group, controllers, retired employees, and staff members of Allied Post.

How to Login on SBI HRMS Portal?

To log in to the SBI HRMS portal, follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Login”
  3. Enter your User ID, Password, and Captcha Code
  4. Click “Login”

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How to Download Salary/Pension Slip on SBI HRMS Portal?

To download your Salary/Pension Slip on the SBI HRMS portal, follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Login”
  3. Enter your login credentials to access your account
  4. Select “Earning/Salary PF/Pension/Gratuity”
  5. Choose “Pension Related Services”
  6. Enter details such as Year, Month, and payslip
  7. Your pensioner slip will then be displayed on your screen.

Check the HRMS Dashboard

To check the HRMS Dashboard on the SBI HRMS portal, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official website of SBI HRMS.
  2. Click on the HRMS Dashboard tab.
  3. The HRMS Dashboard will then open on your screen.

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Salary Correction on SBI HRMS Portal

To correct your salary on the SBI HRMS portal, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official SBI HRMS website.
  2. Click on the “Salary Correction” tab.
  3. Fill in the necessary details on the new page.
  4. Click “Submit” to complete the process.

Check the Transaction History on the SBI HRMS Portal

To check your transaction history on the SBI HRMS portal, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Official Website on SBI HRMS Portal.
  2. Click “Login” and enter your credentials to access your account.
  3. Select “View Transaction History.”
  4. On the new page, enter the necessary details such as Year, Month, and Pay Slip.
  5. Your transaction history will then be displayed for you to review.

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In 2024, the SBI HRMS Portal continues to provide seamless services for pensioners and bank staff. With user-friendly interfaces and efficient functionality, accessing accounts, downloading salary slips, and checking transaction history have become effortless tasks. The portal ensures convenience and accessibility, reaffirming SBI’s commitment to user satisfaction. As an essential tool for financial management, it empowers users with accurate information and secure transactions, fostering trust and reliability among pensioners and bank staff alike. SBI HRMS Portal stands as a beacon of efficiency, simplifying financial management for all its users.


How can pensioners and bank staff access the SBI HRMS Portal in 2024?

Pensioners and bank staff can access the SBI HRMS Portal by visiting the official website and logging in with their credentials.

What services are available for pensioners on the SBI HRMS Portal?

Pensioners can access services such as viewing pension details, downloading pension slips, and checking transaction history on the SBI HRMS Portal.

Can bank staff download their salary slips from the portal?

Yes, bank staff can download their salary slips from the SBI HRMS Portal for accurate financial records.

How secure are the transactions and personal information on the SBI HRMS Portal?

The SBI HRMS Portal employs robust security measures to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of user data and transactions, providing a secure environment for all users.

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