BGMI Unban Date In India 2024, Battleground Mobile India Unban Latest News

BGMI Unban Date In India:-This page provides information about the BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) unban date in India for 2024, including the latest news, government notices, and rumors. It explains why BGMI was banned by the government and covers updates and rumors surrounding its unban. According to reports, BGMI may be unbanned by January 2024, after being removed from the Play Store and iOS platforms on July 28, 2022, following a government order.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Unban Date In India

BGMI (Battle Ground Mobile India) is a popular mobile game developed and published by Krafton, previously known as PUBG. It was released on July 2, 2021, for Android and August 18, 2021, for iOS devices, and is a shooter game that supports player-versus-player gameplay with up to 100 players or in groups of up to 4 people. The game is set across six maps: Erangel, Miramar, Vikendi, Livik, Karakin, and Sanhok. However, on July 28, 2022, the game was banned by the Indian government on both Android and iOS platforms.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Unban Date In India

BGMI Date In India Details

Game Battlegrounds Mobile India
Developer & Publish Krafton Inc.
Release Date Android (2 July 2021) & iOS (18 August 2021)
Ban Date 28 July 2022
BGMI Unban Date January 2024 (Expected)
Category Tech
Official Website

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Battleground Mobile India Unban Date In India

There are rumors of BGMI potentially being unbanned in India, with some speculating it may happen in September 2022, but this hasn’t been confirmed. Krafton, the game’s creator, is committed to bringing it back to both Android and iOS devices. BGMI was banned in India on July 28, 2022, but Krafton is reportedly confident in bringing the game back, potentially in October or November 2022.

BGMI Unban Latest News

The creator of War Mania, Hrishav Bhattacharjee, has sparked online rumors that BGMI will be returning to mobile screens in India this year with some changes from Krafton. However, there is no official statement from the Indian government regarding the unban and return of BGMI in India. If the game resumes, it will likely come with proper precautions and safety measures for the players. BGMI gained immense popularity among gamers since its introduction in India in September 2021, and players are eagerly anticipating its return on both the Google Play Store for Android and the Apple App Store for iOS devices.

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Why The Reason Government has Banned Battleground Mobile India in India?

Battleground Mobile India was banned by the Indian government for allegedly sharing user data from Android smartphones with a server owned by Tencent in China. This resulted in the removal of approximately 280 apps from the Google Play Store. The Indian version of PUBG, BGMI, was officially banned on July 28, 2022, under Section 69A of the IT Act for violating specific laws and regulations. The suspension was made without an official press release. However, there has been no official statement regarding a permanent ban, and many gamers are eagerly waiting for the game to resume.

Battleground Mobile India Unban Highlights

BGMI Unban Highlights the possible return of the popular mobile game in India, after being banned in July 2022. While rumors of the game’s unban have circulated, no official statement has been released by the government. Krafton, the developer and publisher of BGMI, expressed interest in working with the government to bring back the game. However, concerns about the safety of player data and potential violations of regulations have been raised. The Indian government requested that Apple and Google remove BGMI from their app stores, and it’s no longer available in India.

Some government companies are urging the government to bring back the game, but obstacles seem to exist. Certain gaming companies and TechCrunch wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, asking for support and fair treatment for the gaming ecosystem in India. False rumors have circulated about the game’s relaunch in September, and there are rumors that Krafton is moving the Battleground Mobile India server location. Additionally, popular BGMI YouTubers claimed that players are being scammed when recharging UC through certain websites and apps. The Indian gaming community eagerly awaits any official news or updates regarding the status of BGMI.

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In summary, the unban date for BGMI in India is currently uncertain. Though rumors and speculations have been circulating about its possible return, the government has not issued any official statement or given a specific date for the unban. Krafton and other companies have expressed their interest in working with the government to bring the game back, but concerns about data privacy and security persist. The Indian gaming community is eagerly awaiting any updates regarding the unban status of BGMI, with hopes for a possible return soon.


Will BGMI get unbanned?

Krafton, the developer of BGMI, is still in talks with the Indian government regarding the game's unban in 2024. However, no positive updates have been reported yet.

Is BGMI coming back or not?

According to Chaudhary, by the end of 2024 , GBMII will return in a new avtar. Krafton is moving its servers from India-Singapore to India-Malaysia, according to a previous report.

What is the BGMI Date in India 2024?

Battlegrounds Mobile IndiaUnban Date in India 2024 is expected to be in coming months.

How to Download BGMI APK on Android?

Visit and tap on the APK Download button to get this file.

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