How to Download Booster Dose Certificate 2024 Online, By Mobile Number, Aadhar Card

Booster Dose Certificate 2024:- Many countries now require proof of vaccination for entry. India has administered over 200 crore COVID vaccine doses, mainly Covishield and Covaxin. To ensure safety, the government offers booster doses for those already vaccinated. Getting these boosters also means getting a Booster Dose Certificate, which offers extra benefits. This certificate is essential for international travel and adheres to global vaccination entry requirements.

Booster Dose Certificates

After getting two vaccine shots, the Indian government is now offering a third dose for free. While it’s not mandatory for everyone, those above 60 years are the primary focus. However, anyone above 18 can also get it without charge. Initially, the booster dose was for older adults, but from April, it’s available for everyone above 18. This extra shot, known as a precautionary dose, is for people who have received both initial doses. It can be taken six months after the second shot to boost the body’s protection. Research indicates that antibodies decrease after six months, making boosters essential to enhance immunity. People can get these doses at nearby vaccination centers, and the government is spreading awareness about their benefits.

Booster Dose Certificate

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Booster Dose Certificate 2024 Online Overview

Portal Name Cowin Portal
The Certifying Authority The Government of India (GOI)
Article Name Booster Dose Certificates
Boosters Dose 1 and Dose 2
Important Document A mobile phone number and a photograph are IDs.
Registration Available Online and on Mobile
Category Trending
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Objectives Of Booster Dose Certification

The main goal of the booster dose is to offer extra safety to those already vaccinated. It boosts antibody levels and helps fight severe COVID, especially in high-risk situations.

Benefits Of Booster Dose Certificate

  • Getting vaccinated reduces the growth of the COVID virus and its severe mutations.
  • Booster doses, given after initial vaccinations, have several advantages.
  • They enhance the body’s immunity, especially for people over 60, where immunity tends to decrease after the first shot.
  • These boosters prevent severe COVID symptoms in older individuals.
  • Plus, getting booster shots results in booster certificates.
  • These certificates prove full COVID-19 vaccination status and are beneficial for international travel, allowing entry into places like hotels and restaurants.

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Eligibility Criteria Of  Booster Dose Certificate

To qualify for the booster dose, applicants must have received both COVID-19 vaccine shots. They need to wait for six months after the second dose. Anyone above 18 years old can get these enhanced shots. If a booster certificate is required, the applicant must be from India.

Required Documents

To be eligible for the promotion, applicants need:

  • A personal phone number.
  • A valid Aadhar card.

Steps to Download Booster Dose Certificate Online?

To obtain a booster certificate, follow these steps online:

  • Visit the COVID portal’s official website.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the homepage to find the navigation area.
  • Click on the “Download Certificate” link in the Android Navigation section.
  • Enter your registered mobile number and click the OTP button.
  • Input the received OTP into the verification box and click “verify.”
  • A list of certificates will appear, and you can download the booster certificate.

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Process to Download Booster Dose Certificate by Adhar Number

To obtain a booster certificate, follow these steps using your Aadhar card information:

  • Visit the official Digilocker website.
  • Use the search field and type “COVID” to find specific documents.
  • Select the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare’s COVID vaccination state from the search results.
  • Log in to your Digilocker account using your Aadhaar number and a 60-digit security PIN, then click “sign-in.”
  • Choose the option to download the booster certificate in PDF format to obtain the certificate.

Download Booster Dose Certificate by Mobile Number

To download the booster certificate after receiving booster shots, follow these steps:

  • Visit the official Government of India website on the Gov portal.
  • Look for the Login/Register button in the upper right corner of the homepage.
  • Click on Login/Registration.
  • Log in using your registered phone number, enter the received OTP, and click Proceed.
  • Your certificates will appear on the screen.
  • Select the Download Booster Dose Certificate option, and your certificate will be downloaded as a PDF file.

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Booster Dose Certificate Download by WhatsApp

To download your booster certificate via WhatsApp in India, follow these steps:

  • Save the number ’91 9013151515′ in your contacts.
  • Open WhatsApp, find this number, and send a message saying “Covid Certificate.”
  • You will receive an OTP; confirm it.
  • Once validated, you’ll get a PDF message containing your booster certificate, confirming your vaccination status.


In conclusion, obtaining the Booster Dose Certificate in 2024 has been made accessible and convenient, ensuring everyone’s vaccination status is easily verifiable. Whether online or through mobile platforms, the process has been streamlined. Utilizing Aadhaar or mobile numbers, citizens can effortlessly download their certificates. These efforts reflect a commitment to public health and safety, providing a seamless experience for individuals seeking to confirm their booster vaccinations. By embracing technology, the government has successfully simplified the process, enabling people to travel, work, and engage in various activities confidently, knowing their vaccination status is officially recognized and easily accessible.


How can I download my Booster Dose Certificate online?

You can download your Booster Dose Certificate online by visiting the official government portal and following the designated steps.

What information do I need to download the certificate online?

You can download the certificate using your Aadhar card details or registered mobile number, depending on the specified method.

Can I download the certificate using my mobile phone?

Yes, you can download the Booster Dose Certificate using your mobile phone through official mobile applications or WhatsApp services.

Is Aadhar card mandatory for downloading the certificate?

Aadhar card details are one of the options for downloading the certificate, but you can also use your registered mobile number for the same purpose.

Can I download the certificate multiple times?

Yes, you can download the certificate as needed, but it is advisable to keep a secure copy for reference.

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