Webland AP 2024 How to Login & Register, View Land Records Online

Webland AP 2024:- The Andhra Pradesh government has launched the Webland system to provide easy access to land records. This online platform helps combat fraudulent land records by offering access to a secure database of digitally signed records. Residents no longer need to visit offices for land mutation; the entire process is managed online. The Webland system supports the Meebhoomi initiative, allowing citizens to check land records on webland.ap.gov.in. This article will provide more details about Webland AP, including its features, objectives, services, covered districts, login process, and how to access the Land Distribution Report.

Webland AP Portal

The Andhra Pradesh government has introduced the Webland system, an online platform designed to digitize and manage land data efficiently. This system helps registration and tax departments update land records with ownership changes. The revenue department, including Revenue, Survey, Settlement, and Land Records, and Urban Land Ceiling Departments, operates under the Chief Commissioner of Land Administration (CCLA). Using Google Maps, the system digitally maps land, accurately determining ownership based on survey data. Land records are linked to Aadhaar numbers for identification. This initiative ensures precise, up-to-date, and secure land records management.

Webland AP

Webland AP Overview

Article Name Webland AP
Launched By by the Government of Andhra Pradesh
Year 2024
Beneficiaries Citizens of Andhra Pradesh State
Application Procedure Online
Objective Providing online access to land records
Benefits Online access to land records to be provided
Category Andhra Pradesh Government Schemes
Official Website https://webland.ap.gov.in/

Objectives Of Webland AP Portal

The Webland AP Portal’s main aim is to digitize land records, helping the Revenue Department manage complex land data and making them digitally accessible. The Chief Commissioner of Land Administration (CCLA) oversees the state’s Revenue Administration. Earlier, people had to visit Meeseva Kendras and Tehsildar’s office for land mutation, but now, with Webland AP, this process is entirely online, making it more convenient for citizens.

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Webland.Ap.Gov.In Portal Update

The Andhra Pradesh government plans to finish a state-wide land survey by January 2023, covering 5,700 and 6,460 villages by August and September 2023 respectively. Additionally, 5,200 clear land titles will be provided. Officials are cleaning land records during these surveys. To rectify errors on the webland.ap.gov.in portal, officials suggest issuing Land title deeds and amending records through applications like Gram Bhoomi Register and web land application. These efforts aim to ensure accurate land records and simplify the land ownership process for the residents.

Services Offered On Webland AP

  • Mutation request Issuance of electronic lessee passbook
  • District-based statistics
  • Summary of enrollment requests by division
  • Circle-based statistics
  • Purification of land records on Webland
  • WS Pahani (Record of Rights)
  • Land distribution report
  • Detailed report on Webland Sarkarbhumi
  • Land ownership

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Webland AP Portal Districts Covered

The Webland AP Portal covers the following districts:

Vizianagaram Krishna-Krishna
West Godavari Nandyala
East Godavari NTR
Srikakulam Guntur-Guntur
Alluri Sitarama Raju – Alluri Sitarama Raju Dr. BR Ambedkar Konaseema
Nellore Chittoor-Chittoor Sripotti Sriramulu
Baptla YSR Anantapur
Prakasam – Prakasam Visakhapatnam
Kurnool-Kurnool Parvathipuram Manyam – Parvathipuram Manyam
Nellore-SPSR Anakapalli-Anakapalle Kakinada
Eluru – Eluru Sri Satya Sai
Palnadu Annamaya

How To Log On Webland AP Portal?

To use the Webland AP portal, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the official Webland AP website http://meebhoomi.ap.gov.in/.
  2. The homepage will show up.
  3. In the POLR Login section, enter your Username and Password.
  4. Choose your district from the options.
  5. Click the login button to access the Webland AP portal.

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Steps To Use The Services Of Webland AP Portal

To use Webland AP portal:

  1. Go to the official Webland AP website.
  2. Homepage will appear.
  3. In the POLR Login section, enter Username and Password.
  4. Choose your district.
  5. Click login to access the Webland AP portal.
  6. Upon login, your account dashboard will show up.
  7. Select your desired service from options like Administration, Reports/Checklists, Land holdings, Master directories, Mutations.

How To Access Land Distribution Report?

To access the Land Distribution Report on Webland AP Portal:

  1. Go to the official Webland AP website.
  2. Enter your username and password in the POLR login section on the homepage.
  3. Select your district from the drop-down menu.
  4. Click “Login” to access your account dashboard.
  5. Choose “Land Distribution Report” from the available services.
  6. On the new page, fill in details like district, phase, village, Mandal, and survey number.
  7. Click “Generate” to retrieve the report.
  8. Review and download the report for future reference.

Following these steps allows users to easily access the Land Distribution Report on Webland AP Portal.

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How To Check The Land Transfer Details On Mee Bhoomi Portal?

To access Land Transfer Details on Mee Bhoomi Portal:

  1. Go to the official Mee Bhoomi website: http://meebhoomi.ap.gov.in/
  2. Click on “Land Transfer Details” on the homepage.
  3. Fill in necessary details like District, Village Name, Mandal Name, and Survey Number.
  4. Click “Submit”.
  5. The land transfer details will be shown on the screen.

Following these steps allows easy access to Land Transfer Details on the Mee Bhoomi Portal.


In conclusion, the Webland AP portal stands as a revolutionary tool in the realm of land management in Andhra Pradesh. With its user-friendly interface and digital accessibility, citizens can easily navigate the system, viewing land records, initiating mutations, and accessing crucial information. The platform’s efficiency not only simplifies bureaucratic processes but also enhances transparency and accuracy in land transactions. By offering services like online registration and record viewing, it empowers individuals and facilitates smoother land-related operations. As we move forward, the Webland AP portal remains pivotal, ensuring a streamlined, transparent, and accountable land management system for the people of Andhra Pradesh.

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What is Webland AP, and what services does it offer?

Webland AP is an online platform in Andhra Pradesh that digitizes land records, offering services like viewing land records, initiating mutations, and accessing crucial land-related information.

How can I login to Webland AP?

To login, visit the official Webland AP website, enter your username and password in the POLR login section, select your district, and click the login button to access your account.

What if I forget my Webland AP password?

If you forget your password, there should be a 'Forgot Password' option on the login page. Click it, follow the prompts, and reset your password through the provided email or mobile verification process.

Can I register for Webland AP online?

The registration process varies; please check the official website for the most current registration guidelines. Typically, registration involves filling an online form with personal and land-related details.

How can I view my land records online through Webland AP?

After logging in, select the service View Land Records. Enter necessary details such as district, village name, Mandal, and survey number. Submit the form, and your land records will be displayed on the screen.

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