Rajasthan Mehngai Rahat Camp 2024, महंगाई राहत कैंप रजिस्ट्रेशन, List

Rajasthan Mehngai Rahat Camp :- To alleviate the impact of rising inflation, the Rajasthan government is launching Inflation Relief Camps. These camps aim to offer eligible citizens the benefits of 10 public welfare schemes run by the Rajasthan Government. Starting from 2024, residents of the state can register in these camps to access scheme benefits. If you are a Rajasthan resident seeking relief from inflation, it’s crucial to gather information about the Rajasthan Inflation Relief Camp in 2024, and this article provides comprehensive details to guide you.

Rajasthan Mehngai Rahat Camp 2024

The Rajasthan state government, led by Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, is launching Inflation Relief Camps to ease the financial burden on citizens. These camps, discussed and approved during a State Council of Ministers meeting, aim to uplift common people and the deprived class from the impact of inflation. The government plans to provide the benefits of 10 major schemes to citizens, ensuring sensitivity, accountability, and transparency.

Upon registration at these Mehngai Rahat Camps, participants will receive guarantee cards and other necessary documents on the spot. The camps will be operational across villages and cities from 2024, starting with the official launch by Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on 2024. The Chief Minister has inaugurated the registration portal and website, emphasizing the government’s commitment to providing maximum relief to citizens during this period of inflation. The public is encouraged to participate in these camps to claim their rights and benefit from welfare schemes.

Rajasthan Mehngai Rahat Camp 2024

Rajasthan Mehngai Rahat Camp Overview

Name o The Scheme Rajasthan Mehngai Rahat Camp
Started By Rajasthan Government
Beneficiary Citizens of the state
Objective Providing relief to the people of the state from rising inflation
Date of Camp Organization Updated Soon
Category Sarkari Yojana
State Rajasthan
Year 2024
Application Process Offline
Official Website https://department.rajasthan.gov.in/

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Objective of Rajasthan Mehngai Relief Camp

The primary goal of Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot in launching the Inflation Relief Camp is to alleviate the impact of rising inflation on the state’s residents. Simultaneously, the objective is to empower and make them self-reliant by offering the benefits of 10 public welfare schemes. These camps also serve to raise awareness among citizens about their rights, eligibility for public welfare schemes, and provide comprehensive information.

What are the 10 public welfare schemes of Rajasthan Inflation Relief Camp?

To extend the benefits of Rajasthan Government schemes and provide relief from inflation, 10 welfare schemes have been introduced for eligible citizens. These schemes include:

  1. Chief Minister Gas Cylinder Guarantee Card Scheme
  2. Chief Minister Free Electricity Scheme (100 units per month for domestic consumers)
  3. Chief Minister Free Electricity Scheme (2000 units per month for agricultural consumers)
  4. Chief Minister Free Annapurna Food Packet Scheme
  5. Mahatma Gandhi NREGA Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (additional 100 days benefit)
  6. Indira Gandhi Urban Employment Guarantee Scheme (additional 125 days benefit)
  7. Social Security Pension Scheme (minimum pension of Rs 1000 per month)
  8. Chief Minister Kamdhenu Insurance Scheme
  9. Chief Minister Chiranjeevi Health Insurance Scheme (now insured up to Rs 25 lakh)
  10. Chief Minister Chiranjeevi Accident Insurance Scheme (now insured up to Rs 10 lakh)

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When will Rajasthan Mehngai Rahat Camp be organized?

The Rajasthan Dearness Relief Camp 2024, organized by the state government, aims to extend the benefits of public welfare schemes to the citizens. These camps provide security and will be conducted from April 24 to June 30, spanning approximately two months. Operating from Monday to Saturday, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, these camps offer a convenient registration process for eligible citizens. By following these guidelines, issued by Government Secretary Bhavani Singh Detha to all divisional commissioners and collectors, the government seeks to ensure a smooth and accessible process for citizens to avail themselves of public welfare scheme benefits.

Where will the Dearness Relief Camp be organized?

Inflation relief camps, as part of the villages and cities campaign, will be set up across various locations in Rajasthan for the Mehngai Rahat Camp. These include:

  1. Government Hospitals by District Administration
  2. Gas Agencies
  3. Bus Stands
  4. Markets
  5. Shopping Malls
  6. Railway Stations
  7. District Collector’s Office
  8. Panchayat Committee Offices
  9. Municipalities
  10. Other Government Offices
  11. Public Places

These diverse locations aim to make the Mehngai Rahat Camp easily accessible to the public across the state.

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Rajasthan Mehngai Rahat Camp Date & Time

Camp Start Date Update Soon
Last date for registration under camp Update Soon
Camp Time Update Soon

Camps will be organized in 11283 gram panchayats and 7586 wards.

The Rajasthan Dearness Relief Camp 2024, organized by the state administration, will feature special counters in Prithvi Ek camps across villages and cities. As part of the Gaon Ke Sang campaign, camps will be held in 11,283 gram panchayats, providing scheme benefits to citizens. In the cities campaign, ward-wise camps will take place in 7,500 wards, with an additional 2,000 permanent inflation relief camps. These state-government-led camps will run for two days in each financial gram panchayat and urban ward until June 30. Registration at these camps is mandatory for scheme benefits. Upon registration, applicants will receive guarantee cards and revised/sanction orders instantly. To find out the specific date of the dearness relief camp in your city or gram panchayat, consult your Gram Panchayat head or ward head.

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Documents Required to avail the Benefits of the schemes

Before attending the Rajasthan Mehngai Rahat Camp, ensure you bring the following documents:

  1. Chief Minister Free Electricity Scheme:
    • Number mentioned on the bill
    • Connection number
  • Gas Cylinder Scheme: Gas Connection Number and Name
  • Mahatma Gandhi NREGA Job Card: Number Aadhaar
  • Chief Minister Chiranjeevi Accident Insurance Scheme: Documents of policy registration proof
  • Other Schemes: Jan Aadhar Number

How to Register in Rajasthan Mehngai Rahat Camp 2024?

To register for the Rajasthan Mehngai Rahat Camp, follow these steps:

  1. Visit your nearest Mehngai Rahat Camp https://department.rajasthan.gov.in/.
  2. Bring necessary documents with you.
  3. The camp’s employee will assist you in the registration process.
  4. Your registration will be conducted by the state government through the Administration with Villages Campaign 2024 and Administration with Cities Campaign 2024.
  5. Upon completion, you will be eligible for the benefits of the schemes.

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Search nearest Rajasthan Mehngai Rahat Camp

To find the nearest dearness relief camp, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official website.
  2. The homepage will open.
  3. Choose your district, tehsil, and block under the “Search Camp” option.
  4. Click on the relevant option.
  5. The information about the nearest camp will appear based on your selection.

View district wise inflation relief camp list

To access information about the scheme’s camps, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official website.
  2. The homepage will open.
  3. Click on “District Wise Camp List.”
  4. Select your desired district from the list.
  5. Choose from three types of camps: Permanent Camp, Mobile Unit Camp – Rural, or Mobile Unit Camp – Urban.
  6. Click on your preferred option to obtain relevant information.

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In conclusion, the Rajasthan Mehngai Rahat Camp in 2024 emerges as a pivotal initiative by the state government to combat the challenges posed by inflation. The camp’s registration process provides a gateway for citizens to access a range of welfare schemes, offering relief from economic strains. The comprehensive list and transparent approach underscore the government’s commitment to supporting its residents. By launching such camps, Rajasthan aims to empower its citizens, fostering a more resilient and self-reliant community in the face of economic uncertainties.


What is the Rajasthan Mehngai Rahat Camp?

It is a government initiative to provide relief from inflation by offering citizens access to various welfare schemes.

When does the registration for the Mehngai Rahat Camp begin?

The registration process typically starts before the camp's commencement date.

What benefits can I avail through the Mehngai Rahat Camp?

The camp provides access to 10 public welfare schemes aimed at mitigating the impact of inflation.

What documents are required for registration?

Necessary documents may include identification proof, address proof, and other specific documents depending on the schemes.

How can I register for the Mehngai Rahat Camp?

Registration details and the process can be obtained from the official camp website or designated registration centers.

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