UPI Payment Daily Limit on GPay, PhonePe, Paytm, Amazon Pay

UPI Payment Daily Limit:- Daily transaction payment limits on Google Pay (Gpay), PhonePe, Paytm, and Amazon Pay. Google Pay’s daily transaction limit. Paytm’s UPI daily transaction limit. PhonePe’s daily UPI transfer limit. Amazon Pay’s UPI daily limit.

UPI Payment Per Day Limit

Payment systems are crafted to ensure safety, seamless transfers, and accurate record-keeping. Over time, banks and financial institutions have consistently delivered high-quality financial services. However, advancements in technology have ushered in easier, more secure, and faster modes of transactions. Today, individuals can effortlessly transfer funds globally using mobile money apps or UPI apps, free from bank constraints. These applications operate independently of any specific bank affiliation but require sender and receiver details.

UPI Payment Daily Limit

Many banks are embracing UPI apps, allowing customers to link their accounts with specific apps. This integration facilitates smooth cash flow between the bank and the recipient, streamlining transactions. Modern UPI apps such as Google Pay (GPAY), PhonePe, Paytm, among others, cater to millions of users worldwide with their versatile services. To ensure proper financial management, these apps are regulated by bodies like the RBI (Reserve Bank of India). Additionally, all UPI apps adhere to transaction limits set by regulatory authorities, such as the RBI. Users are advised to monitor their daily transactions to avoid any inconveniences during transfers.

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UPI Transaction Daily Limit Overview

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Transaction limits are subject to variation depending on the UPI app, bank, or financial institution. Users may have the option to inquire about potential increases to their limits by fulfilling specific requirements. It’s important to note that these apps operate uniquely in each region or country, necessitating users to thoroughly review each app’s features prior to installation. The limits are typically classified into two categories:

  • UPI transaction amount limits: Refers to the maximum amount that can be transferred using UPI.
  • Frequency: Denotes the number of transactions one can perform using the UPI app within a given timeframe.

Benefits & Features of UPI Payment Apps

  • Streamlined transfer process between banks.
  • Easy registration process compatible with various operating systems.
  • Integration with multiple social platforms.
  • Ability for business owners to transfer large amounts using UPI apps.
  • Convenient transaction tracking through the UPI app history section.
  • User-friendly operation of UPI apps.

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UPI Daily Limit

In India, the UPI daily limit is determined by bank regulations, with examples from banks such as SBI Bank and Bank of Baroda. The UPI daily limit typically ranges around Rs. 1,00,000, although other banks like Canara Bank may offer limits of Rs. 25,000 per day. While these limits may suffice for regular customers, they may prove restrictive for businesses. Entrepreneurs seeking to transfer larger sums can take a look free payout options to send substantial amounts to UPI app or ID bank accounts. There are no set frequencies for UPI transactions on a daily basis. Individuals interested in UPI services are advised to consult their respective banks regarding daily limits for optimal utilization.

Weekly & Monthly Transaction Limits

While most banks typically do not impose a weekly limit, some, such as IDFC UPI, have set a weekly transaction limit of Rs. 30,00,000. Certain private and public banks in India have established monthly UPI limits, with IDFC Bank setting its monthly limit at Rs. 7,00,000.

UPI Payment Daily Limits

Different UPI apps have varying transfer limits:

Amazon Pay ICICI Bank

Google Pay Transaction Limit Per Day

Google Pay users can enjoy a daily transaction limit of Rs. 10,00,000. If the transaction amount exceeds Rs. 2,000, the app automatically removes the transaction limit. Users are granted 10 transaction limits across UPI apps and bank accounts.

Paytm UPI Transaction Limit Per Day

The Paytm UPI app, widely popular and available on all devices, allows users to send up to Rs. 1 lakh and Rs. 20,000 per hour.

PhonePe UPI Transfer Limit Per Day

The PhonePe app has gained traction in India and other regions, offering a daily limit of Rs. 1,00,000. However, this limit may vary based on the user’s bank. PhonePe users can typically transact 10 to 20 times per day, depending on the bank’s guidelines.

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Amazon Pay UPI Limit Per Day

Amazon Pay permits a transaction limit of Rs. 10,00,000 per day. App users can transfer up to Rs. 5,000 per day or within a 24-hour period, subject to their bank’s regulations. Amazon Pay also provides 20 daily transaction limits.

Bank UPI Limits

Below is a list of banks offering various UPI services. Customers are encouraged to check their daily transaction and frequency limits.

How Much UPI Transactions Is Free?

The recent regulations regarding UPI transaction fees, which can be up to 1.1%, are relevant to merchants who accept payments exceeding Rs. 2,000 through PPIs like mobile wallets. However, individuals engaging in personal transactions via UPI are not subject to any fees. Consequently, UPI payments for personal transactions, regardless of the amount, remain free of charge.

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In conclusion, the evolving landscape of UPI transactions reflects a balance between facilitating seamless digital payments and ensuring fair practices, particularly for merchants. While the new guidelines introduce transaction fees for certain transactions above Rs. 2,000, they maintain the essence of UPI’s accessibility and affordability for personal transactions. As UPI continues to shape India’s digital payment ecosystem, it remains a vital tool for both individuals and businesses, offering convenience, security, and efficiency in financial transactions.


What is the limit of GPay UPI per day?

The daily money transfer limit for users in India using Gpay is ₹1,00,000. Additionally, within a 24-hour period, users can only send money a maximum of 10 times through GPay or any other UPI app. If you need to transfer a larger sum of money or conduct more transactions, you'll need to wait until the 24-hour period elapses.

What is the limit of Amazon pay UPI per day?

UPI Transaction Limits: Each UPI transaction conducted through the UPI Services is subject to a maximum limit of INR 1,00,000 per day or any limit set by the NPCI and PSP Bank periodically. During the initial 24 hours following your registration with Amazon Pay UPI, transactions are limited to INR 5,000.

What is the UPI limit per day or 24 hours?

As per the NPCI, the RBI-regulated entity responsible for developing UPI, the daily UPI transaction limit is capped at Rs 1 lakh.

What is the daily limit of PhonePe?

The daily transaction limit for PhonePe UPI is Rs. 1 lakh (Rs. 100,000) for all users, covering both peer-to-peer (P2P) and peer-to-merchant (P2M) transactions. This limit is determined by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI).

What is the Paytm UPI limit?

With Paytm UPI, you can transfer up to Rs 1 lakh per day. Users can conduct Paytm transactions of up to Rs 20,000 per hour through UPI. Additionally, there's a maximum limit of five transactions per hour and 20 transactions per day via Paytm UPI.

How to increase UPI limit?

The daily maximum limit is Rs. 1 lakh, whereas for new UPI users, it's capped at Rs. 5,000 for the initial 24 hours post-registration. This limit remains fixed and cannot be raised.

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