Mizoram Assembly Election Result 2023, Mizo National Front, BJP, Congress, Zoram People’s Movement, AAP Party Wise Result

Mizoram Assembly Election Result – The Mizoram Assembly Election 2023 vote counting date has been changed by the Election Commission of India. Initially set for December 3, it has now been moved to December 4, Monday. This adjustment aligns with other states—Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and Telangana—where assembly polls took place between November 7 and 30. As the democratic process unfolds in the Assembly Elections 2023, citizens eagerly await the outcomes that will shape the path of their constituencies. In this guide, we’ll provide you with comprehensive information on how and where to access the Mizoram assembly results for 2023, covering both online and offline platforms.

Mizoram held legislative assembly elections on November 7, with the current assembly’s term ending on December 17, 2023. The Mizo National Front, led by Chief Minister Zoramthanga, currently governs the state. In the election, there is a close competition between regional parties like the Mizo National Front (MNF), the Zoram Peoples Movement (ZPM), the Congress, and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Mizoram Assembly Election Result 2023

As Assembly Elections 2023 unfold, citizens are eager to see how their constituencies will be shaped. Here’s a guide on accessing the Mizoram assembly results for 2023, both online and offline. Vote counting begins at 8:00 am on December 4, 2023, with results declared upon completion. While some constituencies may reveal outcomes early, others may take more time. In Mizoram, results are expected before 5:00 pm. Stay updated by watching trusted news channels for live coverage and expert analysis. Special segments on election outcomes will provide detailed insights. You can also tune in to local radio stations for real-time updates and analysis.

The culmination of the Mizoram Assembly Election 2023 has brought heightened anticipation among citizens eager to witness the outcomes that will shape the future of their constituencies. Vote counting commenced at 8:00 am on December 4, 2023, and as the process unfolded, the fate of various constituencies hung in the balance. While some revealed results early on, others kept citizens on the edge of their seats. Fortunately, in Mizoram, the results were made available before 5:00 pm, providing a swift conclusion to the electoral suspense. The democratic process, with its intricacies and varying constituency dynamics, showcased the collective will of the people. Reputable news channels and local radio stations played a pivotal role in delivering real-time updates and expert analysis, ensuring citizens remained informed about the unfolding political landscape in Mizoram.

Mizoram Assembly Election Result 2023

Mizoram Assembly Election Result Overview

Election Name Mizoram Assembly Election
Category Trending
Result Date 3 Dec 2023

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Mizoram Assembly Elections 2023 Result Date

The vote counting for the Mizoram assembly polls is set for December 3, as per the decision of the Election Commission of India (ECI). Around 4,000 personnel will be engaged in the counting process, ensuring a thorough and secure procedure, as announced by the state chief electoral officer, Madhup Vyas. All Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) are safely stored in strong rooms across district headquarters.

With the assembly elections concluded, the focus now shifts to the results, scheduled to be declared on December 3. Ahead of the results, people are eager to learn about the exit poll predictions, which are surveys conducted by news organizations and agencies to gather insights into voting patterns. The exit poll predictions for the 2023 assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Telangana, Chhattisgarh, and Mizoram will be unveiled after November 30.

Mizoram Assembly Elections 2023: Number of Constituencies

Legislative Assembly elections were held in Mizoram on 7 November 2023 to elect all 40 members of the Mizoram Legislative Assembly. In the 2018 elections, MNF won 26 out of 40 seats, with Congress bagging five and the Bharatiya Janata Party winning just one seat.

Mizoram Elections 2023: Total Candidates & Voters

Mizoram saw a voter turnout of 78.40 per cent in the single-phase election for 40 assembly seats in the state, ANI reported.

According to figures from the Election Commission of India (ECI), the overall voter turnout decreased to 78.40 per cent this year from 80.03 per cent in the 2018 Mizoram election.

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Mizoram Assembly Elections Result constituency-wise candidate list of MNF, Congress and BJP

Check Full constituency-wise candidate list of Mizoram Assembly elections

MNF candidates list

Serlui: Lalrinsanga Ralte
Kolasib: K. Lairinliana
Dampa: Lalrintluanga Sailo
Turial: K. Laldawngliana
Mamit: Er. H. Lalzirliana
Tuivawl: Lalchhandama Raite
Hachhek: Robert Romawia Royte
Tawi:  Lalrinenga Sailo
Chalfilh: K. Lalhmangaiha
Aizawl North-I: R. Lalzirliana
Aizawl North-II: Vanlalsawma
Aizawl North-III: C. Lalmuanpuia
Aizawl East-I: Zoramthanga
Aizawl East-II: B. Lalawmpuii
Aizawl West-I: Zothantluanga
Aizawl West-II: Lalruatkima
Aizawl West-III: Er. K. Lalsawmvela
Aizawl South-1: K. Vanlalvena
Aizawl South-II: Denghmingthanga
Aizawl South-III: Dr. F. Lalnunmawia
Lengteng: Dr. L. Thangmawia
Tuichang: Tawnluia
Champhai North: Dr ZR Thiamsanaa
Champhai South: TJ Lalnuntluanga
East Tuipui: Ramthanmawia
Serchhip: J. Malsawmzuala Vanchhawng
Tuikum: Er. Lairinawma
Hrangturzo: Lalremruata Chhangte
South Tuipui: Dr. R. Lalthangliana
Lunglei North: Dr. Vanlaltanpuia
Lunglei East: Lawmawma Tochhawng
Lunglei West: C. Lalrinsanga
Lunglei South: Dr. K. Pachhunga
Thorang: Er. R. Rohmingliana
West Tuipui: Prova Chakma
Tuichawng: Rasik Mohan Chakma
Lawngtlai East: H. Biakzaua
Lawngtlai West: V. Zirsanga
Siaha HC: Lalmalsawma Zasai
Palak: KT Rokhaw

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Congress candidates list

Hachhek-st – Lalrindika Ralte
Dampa-st – Lalhmingthanga Sailo
Mamit St – K Lalthanzama
Tuirial-st – Dr Henry Zodinliana Pachuau
Kolasib-st – S Lalrinawma
Serlui-st – Lalhmachhuana
Tuivawl-st – Rl Pianmawia
Chalfilh-st – Vanneihthanga
Tawi-st – Lalringliana Khiangte
Aizawl North- I –st – Lalnunmawia Chuaungo
Aizawl North-ii – St – R Lalrinmawia
Aizawl North-iii- St – Lal Thanzara
Aizawl East-i – Lalsanglura Ralte
Aizawl East-ii –st – Pc Lalhmingthanga
Aizawl West-i- St – R Lalbiakthanga
Aizawl West-ii-st – Dr Ngurdingliana
Aizawl West- Iii –st – Lalsawta
Aizawl South-i-st – Vanlalawmpuii Chawngthu
Aizawl South-ii – St – Dr Lalmalsawma Nghaka
Aizawl South-iii-st – Rosiamngheta
Lengteng-st – Lalhmingthanga Pachuau
Tuichang-st – C Lalhriatpuia
Champhai North-st – K Lalnunmawia
Champhai South-st – Dr Lallianchhunga
East Tuipui-st – C Lalnunthanga
Serchhip-st – R Vanlaltluanga
Tuikum-st – Tt Zothansanga
Hrangturzo-st – F Lalroenga
South Tuipui-st – C Laldintluanga
Lunglei North-st – Eric R Zomuanpuia
Lunglei East-st – Joseph Lalhimpuia
Lunglei West – Pc Lalthanliana
Thorang-st – Zodintluanga Ralte
West Tuipui-st – Nihar Kanti Chakma
Tuichawng-st – Hara Prasad Chakma
Lawngtlai West-st – C Ngunlianchunga
Lawngtlai East-st – H Zothangliana
Saiha-st – N Chakhai
Palak-st – Lp Junior

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BJP Candidates list

Hachhek (ST): Malsawmtluanga
Dampa (ST): Vanlalhmuaka
Mamit (ST): Lalrinliana Sailo
Serlui (ST): Robinson Malsawmtluanga Hmar
Champhai North (ST):  P. S. Zatluanga
Hrangturzo (ST):  Lalmalsawma
Lunglei West (ST): R. Lalbiaktluangi
Thorang (ST): Shanti Bikash Chakma
West Tuipui (ST): T. Lalengthanga
Tuichawng (ST): Durjya Dhan Chakma
Saiha (ST): K. Beichhua
Palak (ST): K. Hrahmo\
Tuirial (ST): F. Vanhmingthanga
Kolasib (ST): R. Lalthangliana
Tuivawl (ST): Judy Zohmingliani
Chalfilh (ST): Dr. Zonuntluanga
Aizawl North-III (ST): Chawnghmingthanga
Aizawl South-I (ST): F Lalremsangi
Lengteng (ST): B Suanzalang
Serchhip (ST): K. Vanlalruati
Lunglei South (ST): T. Biaksailova


In conclusion, the Mizoram Assembly Election 2023 has marked a significant chapter in the state’s democratic journey. With the polls held on November 7, the anticipation now centers around the results to be declared on December 3, 2023. The Mizo National Front, led by Chief Minister Zoramthanga, faces tough competition from parties like the Zoram Peoples Movement (ZPM), Indian National Congress (INC), and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

As the state eagerly awaits the outcome, the democratic process showcased the active participation of citizens, with around 4,000 personnel engaged in the secure counting of votes. The strong rooms across district headquarters house the safely stored Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs).

The political landscape in Mizoram is set to be defined by the declared results, and the focus now turns to the crucial date of December 3, 2023, when the state will learn about its future leadership and governance.


When will the results of the Mizoram Assembly Election 2023 be declared?

The results are scheduled to be declared on December 3, 2023.

How many seats are there in the Mizoram Assembly?

Mizoram Assembly has a total of XX seats.

What time will the counting of votes start on December 3, 2023?

The counting process is expected to commence in the morning on December 3, 2023. Exact timing will be confirmed closer to the date.

How secure are the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) storing the votes?

All EVMs are securely stored in strong rooms across district headquarters to ensure the integrity of the voting process.

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