2. Emergency Levels

Response mechanism differs with the severity level of emergency. Emergency incidents are classified according to their severity and potential impacts, so that appropriate emergency response operations can be implemented.
Emergencies can be categorised into three broad levels on the basis of seriousness and response requirements, namely:


(a) Level One: This is an emergency or an incident which

  • can be effectively and safely managed, and contained within the site, location or installation by the available resources;
  • has no, impact outside the site, location or installation.

(b) Level two : This is an emergency or an incident which-

  • cannot be effectively and safely managed or contained at the location or installation by available resources and additional support is alerted or required;
  • is having or has the potential to have an effect beyond the site, location or installation and where external support of mutual aid partners may be involved;
  • is likely to be danger to life, environment or to industrial assets or reputation.

(c) Level Three:

  • This is an emergency or an incident with off-site impact which could be catastrophic and is likely to affect the population, property and environment inside and outside the installation, and management and control is done by district administration. Although the Level-III emergency falls under the preview of District Authority but till they step in, it should be responsibility of the unit to manage the emergency.

Level I and Level II emergency are generally considered as on-site emergency while Level III is off-site emergency.


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