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National Civil Defence College - Nagpur

The creation and development of “Civil Defence” all over the world went hand in hand with the increase in man’s ability to cause death and destruction. Indeed, the first Civil Defence organization was a response to the need for protection of communities exposed to all the havoc that can be wreaked by war or any catastrophe. The whole philosophy of Civil Defence revolves around the individual and the locality he lives in. It has believed throughout that “the Response of the person closest to the place of emergency will be the fastest provided he/she is trained”.


The First Disaster Management Training Institution of the country was founded on 29th April 1957 at Nagpur as Central Emergency Relief Training Institute (CERTI). This Central Institute organized advanced and specialist training for the leaders of Disaster Relief and Response operations to manage the consequences of any natural or man made disaster. The conflicts of 1962 and 1965 compelled the Government of India to reorient it’s emergency training activities from natural disasters to those relating to any war emergency. Hence, CERTI was renamed as National Civil Defence College on 1st April 1968.


The devastating cyclone of Andhra Pradesh in 1977 necessitated a review of Training Modules and all Civil Defence Training courses were revised with Disaster Relief Management made an inherent component of each training program at NCDC. In the same review a CBRN Warfare Training was also introduced in April, 1978.

Presently, the Institute is conducting 22 different courses pertaining to Civil Defence and Disaster Management based on the needs of the organization and the Training Policy adopted by the Government of India. The Training Programmes at National Civil Defence College have been classified into three levels.

  • Development of Skills related to tasks required to be performed at disaster site.
  • Building knowledge for Managerial personnel to Organize, Control and Co-ordinate Disaster Operations and
  • Generating Awareness for Senior Managerial levels in Disaster Management to build capacities for better planning and co-ordination of Disaster Operations.

Since inception of the Institute in 1957, the college has trained nearly 50,000 trainers that also includes foreign nationals. The Institute has been regularly training Trainers from Central Police Forces such as ITBP, CRPF, BSF, CISF, etc in order to prepare their personnel for the organization of National Disaster Response Force.

The College has been identified as a premier establishment for conducting Chemical Disaster First Responder training by the Ministry of Environment and Forests. It has also been organizing Industrial Disaster Management Training Programs on regular basis for senior and middle level Industrial Managers. The College has been recognized as a nodal Institute for CBRN Emergency training by the Ministry of Home Affairs, in the year 2002.
The college employs Emergency Computer Simulation Systems that enable the Trainers to plan and respond to worst case scenarios in various Industrial Disaster situations. The Training Programs of NCDC are unique and backed by hands on training sessions which are not being conducted anywhere in the country.

100th Industrial Disaster Management Program

For application of the 2 weeks training - please contact NCDC

The National Civil Defence College, a premier Disaster Management Training Institute of Government of India is organizing the 100th Industrial Disaster Management Training Program from 18th January to 29th January 2010 and exhorts the Industrial Manager’s to take utmost advantage of this opportunity and to nominate their personnel to this Training Program.

After more than 25 years, since the Bhopal Gas Tragedy there has been rising awareness of expanding risk and consequent action to deal with major Industrial Disasters. However, there is still a long distance to cover when it will instill confidence in the Public on safety of Industrial operations.


Industrial Disasters can not be simply considered safety problems that need to be resolved, but have to be viewed with wider significance as they offer important opportunities to learn about the goodness of preparedness between Society, Technology and Environment. Optimal use of such opportunities will be very necessary to modify the way we think about the Industrial Disasters.

All over the world, Industrial Disasters are “Extreme Events” that are different mainly in degree from more mundane disruptions to which industry and society have become adjusted. The Management needs to understand the utility of training their Managers in order to expertise in handling unexpected extreme events as per guidelines in order to keep the overall losses to the minimum and recover speedily.



NOVEMBER 19-20, 2009

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Disaster Management
Two day national seminar under the theme “Climate Change (C2) & Volunteer action” on 19-20th November, 2009
Presentation by Dr Anil Gupta - NIDM
Seminar of NCDC Nagpur Nov 09
Definitions and Overview
Vulnerability in India
Environment, climate and Disasters


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