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Chemical Industrial Disaster Risk Management Programme (Udaipur)

Code IDRM|2010|MIX|106
Short title Udaipur - On-and Off-site-iDRM-planning (2)
Title Chemical Industrial Disaster Risk Management Programme (Udaipur)
Fields iDRM IDRM: Disaster Managment incl On- and Off-Site Emergency Plans
Target Groups MIX: Mixed Group

D. L Damor (Speaker)

Rajesh Singh (Speaker)

Dr. N.J. Singh (Speaker)

Event Details
Date Place Details Application
Fri 20.08.2010
Sat 21.08.2010

2 Day(s)
Hotel Inder Residency, Udaipur
Hotel Inder Residency

Goverdhan Vilas, Shikarbadi Road, Ekling Nagar
313001 Udaipur , Rajasthan

Contact Name: Dr. Rakesh Dubey
Max. participants 30
Organiser Disaster Management Institute, Bhopal
Institutions Involved InWEnt, gtz-ASEM, Govt. of Rajasthan, Factories and Boilers Inspection Department
  • To take comments from various Stakeholders on National Action Plan on Chemical iDRM
  • To learn Chemical Emergency (Planning and Management) for an explosion and fire in Hydrocarbon Handling Facility
  • To Learn about Major Industrial Fire Hazards and their Control in Industrial Sectors with special reference to Udaipur
  • Application of HIRA in making and rehearsing On and Off site Emergency Management Planning with reference to local needs
  • To Involve Local Stakeholders to to access Information provided on (Web Platform)
Expected results/impacts

The participants recommended that:

  • The small scale industries should get full support from big industries in managing Chemical (Industrial) Disaster Risk Management.
  • Such Training Programme and Awareness Programmes should be conducted within 6 months.
  • Change and Guide lines should be circulated in all the factories.
Description of contents/agenda
  • Theme of Conference and Introduction
  • National Action Plan on Chemical Industrial Disaster Risk Management
  • Chemical Emergency (Planning & Management)
  • Communicating Risk to Community
  • Hazards Identification and Risk Assessment- it application in On and Off site emergency management planning: DMI
  • Major Industrial Fire Control
  • Group Discussion
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Participants during the Programme

Group Photo

Event report and material
Icon Event Report (554KB)
Udaipur - On-and Off-site-iDRM-planning
Chemical (industrial) Disaster Risk Management: Perception, approach and challenges
Dr. R. Dubey - director DMI
Overview of Chemicals Business
Alok Chandra - SRF CHEMICALS BUSINESS - Chief Manager (EHS)
Icon Case Study (1.8 MB)
Learning from an Explosion in Hydrocarbon Handling Facility
Dr. NJ Singh
Icon Case study (787KB)
Major Industrial Fire Control
Mr Rajesh K Singh
Udaipur - On-and Off-site-iDRM-planning

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