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iDRM Planning Workshop for the DMI-InWEnt-GTZ-ASEM Project 2008-2010

Code HRDP|2008|InWEnt|1
Short title 2008: iDRM Planning Workshop 2008-2010
Title iDRM Planning Workshop for the DMI-InWEnt-GTZ-ASEM Project 2008-2010
Fields iDRM HRDP: Human Resource Development
Target Groups MIX: Mixed Group

Dr. Sandhya Chatterji (Moderator)

Dr. Christina Kamlage (Training Provider)

Event Details
Date Place Details Application
Wed 23.04.2008
Thu 24.04.2008

2 Day(s)
Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
Hotel Lake View Ashoka
Bhopal , Madhya Pradesh
60 Participants
Max. participants 60
Target Group Government of Madhya Pradesh
Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF), GoI
National Disaster Management Authority(NDMA), GoI
Selection of Chief Inspectors of Factories and Boilers
State Industrial Development Corporations (APIIC)
Major Accident Hazard (MAH) industries
Training Institutions and NGOs (like Indo German Institute for Advanced Training )
DMI (relevant staff)
Organiser DMI and InWEnt
Institutions Involved DMI, InWEnt, GTZ-ASEM, NDMA

The first planning workshop will invite the views of the major stakeholders regarding the flaw and strength in the existing practices and discuss suggestions for a three year Human Resource Development initiative. The inputs will give the input for the future project activities.

Expected results/impacts

The HRDP approach is defined, the strategy shared and major activities for a three years period are elaborated and discussed by the stakeholders. The results are the basis to design the first operation plan.
The planning workshop will be a start for:

  • Customer tailored training and development of concepts and standards for Public and Private sector
  • Development of curricula and standardised courses that include the environmental, the economic, the social and the managerial component
  • The availability of better trained personals
  • Proper quality control of deliveries
  • Better coordination amongst the all response and regulatory agencies
  • Better drafting and preparation of on-site and off-site environmental emergency management plans
  • Better risk assessment as a result of better understanding of subject
  • The development of community participation during response
  • The refinement of the existing guidelines and policy for better enforcement and implementation
Description of contents/agenda

For the extension and the streamlining of the Human Resource Development efforts in chemical/industrial Disaster Risk Management a planning workshop is scheduled for 2 days (23rd to 24th of April 2008 in Bhopal). The workshop will give the opportunity for all relevant stakeholders to discuss the previous results and to substantially contribute to the upcoming HRD efforts.
A strategy paper with the objective to provide a sound discussion background for the start of the project “Environmental Planning and industrial Disaster Risk Management in India” is now with the MoEF to approve the first planning steps. The paper provides an analysis of the structure, the needs and the potentials of capacity building in the field of industrial Disaster Risk Management (iDRM) and provides the framework for the planning of programme measures 2008 to 2010 as well as the integration into other ASEM activities (like Eco-Industrial Estate Management and Planning).

Background and Agenda
Event report and material
Workshop Report HRDP iDRM
Discussion - Strategy Paper 2008-2010 HRD in industrial Disaster Risk Management
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