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Important Guidelines for iDRM

National Disaster Management Guidelines - Chemical Disasters (Industrial)
National Disaster Management Authority, Government of India - April 2007
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  1. A Manual on Emergency Preparedness for Chemical Hazards, 1992.
  2. A Guide to Safe Road Transport of Hazchem, 1995.
  3. A Guide to the MSIHC Rules,1992, Second Edition, 2000.
  4. A Guide to CA(EPPR) Rules and On-Site and Off-Site Emergency Plan, 2001.
  5. Guidelines for Transportation of Hazardous Wastes issued by CPCB, 2004.
  6. Code of Practice for Liquid Ammonia Storage Vessels (Fertilizer Association of India).
  7. Guidelines for Safe Warehousing of Substances with Hazardous Characteristics (Indian Chemical Manufacturers Association, 1987).


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