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Module 10: Training in industrial Disaster Risk Management - Guide to the District Collector: What I must know as District Collector? and Why?

This module was prepared by the Disaster Management Institute Bhopal in cooperation with the Indo-German bilateral cooperation - InWEnt Capacity Building International and GTZ-ASEM.

Download the brochure of module 10: Guide to the District Collector - What I must know as District Collector? and Why?
District Collectors are officers of the Indian Administrative Services and are the most powerful government officials of the district. They are entrusted the task of handling laws and orders, revenue collection, taxation, the control of planning permission and the handling of natural and man-made emergencies.
Looking to the recent development in the area of disaster management the district collector is the boss of all types of Disaster Management. What is his duty and how he takes action are described in the present module.


Through this module District Collectors will be in a position to understand the

  • Existing Acts and regulations
  • Disaster management cycle
  • Types of industrial hazards
  • Their roles and responsibilities in prevention and response mechanism


Prevailing laws and regulations
Chemical Disasters or Accidents
Sources of the above disasters and accidents
Types of major chemical/industrial hazards
       Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosion
       Toxic release
Impacts zones
Approach to reduce the accidents or disasters
       Responsibilities of the Authorities
       Transportation of hazardous chemicals


  1. The Factories Act 1948 and Subsequent Amendments
  2. The Manufacture, Storage and Import of Hazardous Chemical Rules, 1989
  3. The Central Motor Vehicle Rules 1989 and Subsequent Amendments
  4. The Public Liability Insurance Act, 1991 and Subsequent Amendments
  5. The Chemical Accidents (emergency Planning, Preparedness And Response) Rules, 1996
  6. Disaster Management Act 2005
  7. National Disaster Management - Chemical Disaster, 2007, a Publication of "The National Disaster Management Authority", Government of India
  8. National Disaster Management Guidelines -incident Response System, 2010 - a Publication of "The National Disaster Management Authority", Government of India.


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