5. Resources for JSA

Make appropriate resources available to the JSA team including (but not limited to):

  • Sufficient time to conduct the JSA
  • An appropriate JSA team experienced with the task
  • A clear definition of the scope of job to be analysed
  • Access to participants who have job-specific knowledge
  • Competencies required to carry out the job safely and competently
  • Training on conducting or participating in the JSA process
  • An appropriate JSA worksheet including relevant 'hazard prompt' checklists
  • Previously completed JSAs
  • While developing a JSA for a modified/changed work, the SWI of the original Job
  • Company policies
  • Access to observing the job being performed under normal conditions to note job steps
  • Relevant accident and incident reports
  • Hazard and risk register(s)
  • Safety Alerts or Bulletins referring to industry best practices
  • OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer's) drawings, manuals and procedures
  • Specialist supplier information
  • Material Safety Datasheets (MSDS)
  • National standards
  • Internal organisational standards and specifications
  • Relevant codes of practices
  • Relevant regulatory requirements (including environmental protection policies).

The biggest resource is the aptitude of the organisation for insisting JSA.

The ultimate impact goes on the plant performance and this performance has direct and indirect influence of other stakeholders with in a plant as shown in the figure below .


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