6. Personnel to be involved

Workers will take more interest in a job if they are asked to help with the JSA. Workers might have good ideas on how to do the job safely and better ways to do the job safely, for example:

  • some part of the workplace may need to be changed (materials, lighting, work area layout, ventilation, safety gear )
  • the number of times the job is done may need to be reduced

The following people should be involved in the development of a JSA (this list is not exhaustive) :

  • experienced team leader/ supervisor with job-specific knowledge, and competency in conducting and writing a JSA
  • persons with hands-on knowledge and expertise of the job for which the JSA is being performed (equipment operator, fitter etc.)
  • manager, superintendent or engineer
  • technical experts
  • facilitator
  • safety and health professional
  • equipment or process providers (e.g. OEM representative for new equipment/ process).


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