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Module 13: On-site Emergency Plan

This module was prepared by the Disaster Management Institute Bhopal in cooperation with the Indo-German bilateral cooperation - InWEnt Capacity Building International and GTZ-ASEM.

Download the brochure of module 13 - On-site Emergency Plan
As per Indian regulations there are the regulatory provisions that an On-site Emergency Management Plan (OnSEMP) will be prepared by industrial units and an Off-site Emergency Management Plan (OffSEMP) by District Collector for his/her District


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  • OSHAS: occupational health and safety management system
  • HAZOP: Hazards and operability studies
  • FMEA: Failure mode effect analysis
  • FTA: Fault tree analysis
  • ETA: Event tree analysis
  • MAH: Major accident hazards
  • PPE: Personal protective equipments
  • MSDS: Material safety data sheet
  • SCBA: Self contained breathing apparatus



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