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Launch of Internet Platform for Human Resource Development in industrial Disaster Risk Management
(Project DMI, InWEnt, GTZ-ASEM) - by Lt. Gen. (Dr.) J R Bhardwaj, Hon’ble Member, NDMA)

"The internet based platform launched today at this 'Conference on Chemical (Industrial) Disaster Management, Pipelines, Storages and Medical Preparedness' has its focus on information sharing, presentation and documentation of training events, workshops, seminars and capacity building programmes."


"The work processes for the Training Management that are implemented in the operation of this 'Management Tool' for capacity building accomplish international standards for mid-sized up to large human resource development programmes. As an 'Authoring System' and a 'Knowledge Management Tool' it will allow multiple stakeholder input and networking of experts in the field of disaster risk management and capacity building.

The platform allows process oriented and efficient training management and documentation of crucial information such as comprehensive collections of rules and regulations, guidelines and key concepts on industrial Disaster Risk Management.
It is a networking tool for all stakeholders involved in iDRM – industries, industrial estates/parks, administrations and training organisations.
We are convinced that the tool will support governmental and industrial organisation to improve quality when building and managing their human resource development programmes."

National disaster Management Guidelines - Collection

NDMA-Brochure 2009
National Vision, Mandate and Objectives of the National Disaster Management Authority - NDMA


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