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Lastname Firstname Academic Company/Institution Zip Order by persons_city (descending)City Country  
Kalscheuer  Björn    GIZ Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH     DE   
Sasi   C.     Total LPG India Limited     IN   
Rajendro Singh  Ch.    Disaster Management Institute, Imphal     IN   
Kapoor  Gurpriya  Dr.  Himachal Pradesh Institute of Public Administeration     IN   
Dave  H.S.    Director of Industrial, Health and Safety 380 001  Ahemdabad   IN   
Patel  V.N.    Directorate of Industrial Safety and Health   Ahmedabad  IN   
Jochum  Christian  Dr.  European Process Safety Centre (EPSC), German Process Safety Commission 65812  Bad Soden  DE   
Srinivasaiah  H.    Directorate Industry Safety & Health 560029  Bangalore   IN   
Vijayendra  A.R.    Inspectorate of Factories and Boilers, Bangalore   Bangalore  IN   
Pradeep  K.K.     State Disaster Management Authority   Bangalore  IN   
Parshwanath  Dr.  Govt. of Karnataka, Revenue Deptt. Bangalore   Bangalore  IN   
Desai  M.S.    Revenue Deptt., Bangalore Gov. Kranataka   Bangalore  IN   
Harfanahall  A.B.  Dr.  MoEF, Karnataka   Bangalore  IN   
Simha  M.D.N.  M.E(Environmental En...  Karnataka State Pollution Control Board   Bangalore  IN   
Sudheer  T.S.  B.Tech(Chemical)  Auro pharma engineering , Bangalore 560076  Bangalore  IN   
PRASAD  DURGA VENKATA  M.Sc Environmental  united spirits ltd 560001  Banglore  IN   
Bairagi  Ram Niwas  B.Tech  Trident Group 148101  Barnala  IN   
Gurumoorthy  B.Tech(Chemical)  G.R and Associates 560037  Bengaluru  IN   
Mercker  Hinrich    GIZ Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH 10785  Berlin  DE   
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