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International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility and Industrial Disasters

Code AWARE|2009|ACA|75
Short title Corporate Social Responsibility and Industrial Disasters
Title International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility and Industrial Disasters
Fields iDRM AWARE: General Awareness in iDRM
Target Groups ACA: Academic - Experts, Students, Scholars
Event Details
Date Place Details Application
Sat 05.12.2009
Sun 06.12.2009

2 Day(s)
University Bhopal - National Law Institute
Centre for Business and Commercial Law
462044 Bhopal , Madhya Pradesh
Phone: +91-755 2696965

Contact Name: Prof S.Surya Prakash, Dr Rakesh Dubey
Max. participants 200
Course Fees (details) According to price list (see brochure and web link)
Target Group Academic- Experts, Students, Scholars
Organiser National Law Institute University, Bhopal and NIDM
Institutions Involved DMI, InWEnt

Aim of the conference is to review the existing legal, institutional framework and Role of Corporate sector in management in Industrial Disasters and identify the gaps and remedies.

The key objectives of the workshop are:

  • To examine the adequacy of existing legal system in relation to
  • Industrial disasters with special emphasis on Bhopal Gas Disaster.
  • To emphasize the Corporate Social Responsibility and strengthen its
  • role in Industrial disaster management.
  • To discuss the role of Environmental Jurisprudence in addressing
  • chemical and industrial disasters and human right issues.
  • To examine the recent developments in legal and policy framework for
  • Disaster Management in relation to Industrial Disasters.
  • To bring a cross section of the Government, Judiciary, Academia and
  • Industry to deliberate on CSR and Industrial Disasters

NLIU, being one of the premier law schools of the country situated in Bhopal, the place of disaster, considers it as its responsibility to highlight the implications of the tragedy which is spread over these 25 years.

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