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Training of Trainers in Confined Space Safety for iDRM - Kerala

Code HRDP|2010|TOT|92
Short title Kerela - Confined Space Safety - iDRM-ToT (1)
Title Training of Trainers in Confined Space Safety for iDRM - Kerala
Fields iDRM HRDP: Human Resource Development
Target Groups TOT: Training Providers - ToT and Networking
Event Details
Date Place Details Application
Tue 16.03.2010
Wed 17.03.2010

2 Day(s)
Productivity House
HMT Raod
683104 Kalamassery , Kerala

Contact Name: Dr. Rakesh Dubey, G. Sivakumar, Diretor, KSPC
Max. participants 50
Target Group First responders from industry, Govt. and NGOs
Organiser Faculty of DMI and Kerala State Productivity Council and others
Institutions Involved InWEnt, GTZ-ASEM, DMI and KSPC

Confined Space Safety - teach how to prevent accidents and disasters.
The participants should be able to use the content in design of training courses, to be able to translate the knowledge in target group specific teaching concepts and daily work place to improve the safety.

Expected results/impacts

Less accidents in confined spaces in industry and public places

Description of contents/agenda

Training will be organised by using the Theme 1 “Confined Space Safty” prepared by DMI, MOEF, InWEnt, gtz-ASEM

  • What is a confined space,
  • Hazards in a confined space
  • Preparations for entering the confined space
  • Emergency response precautions
  • Entry Permit system
  • Practical Training

Dr. Rakesh Dubey, Director DMI inaugurating the Workshop

Inauguration by Collector Cochin Dr. Beena


Event report and material
Icon Report (2.2 MB)
Kerala workshop on confined space safety
Training-Courses 16-17 March 2010
Module 1 for iDRM
Icon Confined Space (1.3 MB)
Overview of Problems of Confined Spaces
Mr. Kabier
An Overview of Prevention & Management of Chemical Accidents in India
K.M. AMANULLA, Programme Director,
Safety, Health & Environment Cell
Kerala State Productivity Council
Approaches and experiences of Confined Vessel Entry Safety
Mr. C. Mahadevan - HSE Consultant

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