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One day Awareness Workshop on Bio-Diversity

Code CLIMATE|2012|ACA|142
Short title Bhopal - Bio-Diversity
Title One day Awareness Workshop on Bio-Diversity
Fields iDRM CLIMATE: Climate Change
Target Groups ACA: Academic - Experts, Students, Scholars

Neelima Sawarkar (Moderator)

MBA Huda Sultan Khan (Coordinator)

Saurabh Kumar (Moderator)

Event Details
Date Place Details Application
Sat 25.02.2012
1 Day(s)
Disaster Management Institute
Bhopal , Madhya Pradesh

Contact Name: Huda Sultan Khan
Max. participants 30
Target Group Science Students
Organiser ENVIS M.P Centre at Disaster Management Institute
Institutions Involved Disaster Management Institute, Bhopal Birds ECS
  • Awareness on Bio Diversity:
  • Wildlife Science
  • Ornithology
  • Entomology
Expected results/impacts

To make the students aware of the various diversified life forms, their extinction because of human activities, and the ways to conserve some of those species.

Description of contents/agenda

Bio Diversity:
Introduction and meaning of Biodiversity and its distribution. Threats of
Biodiversity and conservation

Wildlife Science

  • Identification and general features of wild herbivores.
  • Identification and general features of wild Carnivores (Cat family)
  • Identification and general features of wild carnivores (Dog family) Identification and general features of some small wild vertebrates and omnivores animals.


  • Meaning of birds and its evolution, Morphology, Arial adaptation
  • Birds habitats, Food habitats and their behavior
  • Nesting pattern, Breeding, Parental Care, Role of birds in Ecosystem.
  • Identification and description of some resident/migratory birds


  • Meaning and General Features of butterflies, Morphology, Food Habit, habitat, Breeding and feeding
  • Introduction of Butterflying and its do’s and don’ts, Identification and general description of some common species of butterflies
  • Meaning and general classification of insects
  • Identification of some common insects and their Habit , Habitat , Distribution , Food habit and their ecological role.

Ms. Huda Sultan Khan, SPO ENVIS MP, addressing the students
Dignitaries from left to right: Shri Sudheer Dwivedi, Dy. Dir, DMI, Shri V.J Jeorge, Dy. Dir, DMI, Dr. Rakesh Dubey, Director, DMI and Shri Saurabh Kumar, Asst. Dir, DMI

Students of Excellence College, Bhopal as Participants

Group Photo: Participants with Faculties

Dr. Sangeeta Rajgir, President, Bhopal Birds, during a Lecture

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