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HIRA: Hazards Identification and Risk Assessment - Interactive Workshop

Code HIRA|2008|InWEnt|50
Short title 2008: HIRA - Ahmedabad
Title HIRA: Hazards Identification and Risk Assessment - Interactive Workshop
Fields iDRM HIRA: Hazard Identification Risk Assessment
Target Groups MIX: Mixed Group

G.D. Rath (Trainer)

Mohan Sharan (Trainer)

K.M. Sharma (Trainer)

Event Details
Date Place Details Application
Thu 11.12.2008
Fri 12.12.2008

2 Day(s)
The Pride Hotel, Ahmedabad
The Pride Hotel
Judges Bunglow Road, Bodakdev
Ahmedabad , Gujarat

Contact Name: Dr. Rakesh Dubey, DMI
Target Group Chief Inspectorate of Factories & Boilers, State Pollution Control Boards, Directorate General, Factory Advice Service and Labour Institute (DGFASLI), Chief Controller of Explosives, Central Pollution Control Board and Ministry of Environment and Forests.
MAH units (From Public and Private Sectors) covering Refineries and Oil Sector (Public & Private), Metallurgical (ferrous and non ferrous), Pesticides and Fertilizers, Pharmaceuticals, Paper and Pulp and other related chemical sectors and bulk transporters.
State, District & Local Crisis Groups and
State Industrial Development Corporations
Ports as an area for training on HIRA suggested.
Other sectors suggested for trainings include road transport and railway
Organiser DMI and FICCI
Institutions Involved The event was organized under the umbrella Indo-German Cooperation focus area “Sustainable Industrial Development” by the Disaster Management Institute (DMI) with InWEnt/ GTZ-ASEM and FICCI.
  • To describe the broad frame work of hazard identification and risk assessment (HIRA) in Chemical Process Industries, storages and in transportation sector
  • Knowledge / information on computer models for consequence analysis, frequency estimation, etc. required for HIRA in all sectors
  • To address the application and utilisation of HIRA results in emergency planning in all sectors
Expected results/impacts

The major recommendations that emerged from the workshop for HIRA include:

  • Awareness and training for different target audience
  • Inclusion of HIRA and DM topics should be included in school and college curriculum.
  • All the DM activities should be put under one umbrella for execution as expected by recently published guidelines of NDMA
  • Directives to state government department to create sufficient posts and deploy staff on all posts should be given so as to strengthen infrastructure and the DISH administration must have a post for a chemical expert.
  • Introduction of a national policy on risk management and risk reduction at par with GHG emission or climate change
  • Integrate the industrial risk with the national planning process
  • Prepare a vision document. Prescribe a time frame for implementation
  • Establish an autonomous research and development programme centre with international accreditation for dissemination of credible information on process safety.
  • Capacity building measures and support to implementing agencies

The vital role of training institutions such as the National Civil defence College (NCDC), for providing training on different aspects and to different target audiences has been recognised.

Indicators to measure success/impact
  • Training material on HIRA like presentations, reading material, task sheets for group work etc. have been produced
  • Indicators of success are assessed from the evaluation sheets of the training programme.
  • It is also expected that the programme will help the participants in updating and reviewing the procedures of HIRA in overall emergency preparedness, response and planning
Description of contents/agenda

The workshop inaugural was addressed by the chief guest Mr. Sanjiv Tyagi, Member Secretary, GPCB, Dr. Rakesh Dubey, Director, DMI and Mr. Tushar Jani, Project Coordinator, FICCI.
The Workshop proceedings included key presentations on HIRA with brainstorming and group sessions to discuss on how to address HIRA.

Programme Ahmedabad Dec. 08
Event report and material
Icon Workshop Report (481KB)
Ahmedabad Workshop Report
Evaluation results Ahmedabad
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